holiday on hold

Some time ago, I wrote about where I'd like to be and what I'd like to be doing.
If I could choose anywhere in the world.
I decided I'd like to retire to Victor Harbor.
Wishful thinking.
Without a seriously huge lotto win, this wasn't going to happen.

So instead, I planned a short holiday there.
A long weekend.
In the spring, probably September.
Funding? My tax refund.

Well, after doing the tax return form, I've discovered I may not get back as much as I'd hoped.
And I need new work shoes.
And a new supply of multi-trip bus tickets.
(I usually buy a half a dozen at tax time, so I have enough to get around for a while)
And a little set aside to buy gift vouchers for my grandchildren for Christmas.

All of those need to come first.
Then if I can still manage a weekend, I'll do it.
And of course I'll take my camera!

So the holiday dream is on hold temporarily.
If it doesn't happen this year, I'll try for next year.


  1. I really, really hope it does happen and you can do something wonderful for yourself. I haven't been to Victor Harbour in about twenty years, but I loved it. So hopefully your dream will happen this year.

  2. EC; thanks. I'm working on it. And I'm definitely going to save towards next year, even if I get to go this year. I think I'd like to make it a yearly tradition.

  3. Hopefully it all works out so you can have everything that you are hoping for!!!

  4. Why not write to the place you were going to stay, tell them you've got this great blog and all these great readers, and offer to write a review post for them in exchange for a discount?? Nothing to lose, huh??

  5. How about having a garage sale...pare down a bit in the house and use the proceeds towards your vacation?

  6. Must be work hard for the lotto then

  7. Two questions:

    1. Would you like me to house-sit while you're gone?

    2. Do you have much stuff for a garage sale?

    No references but an honest face.

  8. Jennifer; Everything might be a bit much, I'll concentrate on the holiday.

    Red Nomad; I think the pressure of having to write a review would lessen my enjoyment of doing nothing but take photos for a few days.

    Delores; I had a major furniture/ornament declutter last year, there's nothing here left to sell.

    Andrew? Really? I hadn't considered Port Elliot. I might make that the next holiday destination.

    R.H. No thanks. I have a house-sitter and there's nothing at all for a garage sale.


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