breakfast; I'm doing it right

For years now I've eaten porridge for breakfast:-

5 spoonfuls of rolled oats
1 spoonful of oatbran
1/2 a spoonful of high fibre mix
1 spoonful of ground linseed & sesame seeds

All into a saucepan, just cover with water, put a lid on and soak overnight.
In the morning add a splash of milk, mix and simmer for a couple of minutes.
Serve sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Sometimes I add chopped dried fruit to the mix.

Just last week, I spotted a new flavour in the pre-packaged oats range.

These "instant" oats are in portion control sachets, containing ground oats and pieces of the dried fruits mentioned on the box. Add milk or water in the stated amount and microwave.
I don't usually buy these as the texture in the past has been "gluey", but I wanted to taste this berry flavour.

The cooked (microwaved)  result is a smaller portion in my bowl, yet still quite filling.
I wondered just how much rolled oats was in the mix....

So I got out my favourite little machine.....

...which I use to grind these>>

and sesame seeds. (Also other things that I might need, almonds, cashews, etc.)
I spooned in 5 dessertspoons of rolled oats, ground them and poured the almost-powdered oats into a container.

It's the same amount that's in the portion control packages!! My daily breakfast is in the correct portion size. Yay me!
So now I've also bought Craisins and a packet of almond slivers.

(dried raspberries and strawberries appear to be unavailable, although there are frozen packets available)

which I chopped up and put into the fridge for adding to my regular daily breakfast.

It will be a nice change from the chopped dried apricots and dates that I usually add in.


  1. Delores; the packaged product tastes alright too. Not as gluey as the original "instant" varieties (1980's?) where you only added boiling water then stirred. That stuff was about as tasty as wallpaper paste. I'm glad they've improved things.

  2. My daughter warns me off the pre packaged varieties, River. If you read the fine print she tells me, you'll find they're loaded with sugar. But otherwise they're good value. Go for what feels right for you I say. I avoid breakfast myself, have done so ever since I was 18. These these days I'll eat a tub of yoghurt, though.

  3. An overnight soak, eh? I haven't done that. Have you tried steel-cut oats too?

  4. I'm glad to hear that the new ones are tasty. I bought a packet to encourage the smaller portion to eat more regularly. He hasn't got to them yet though.

  5. Just a mug of tea with skim milk (Gotta watch the cholesterol level) for breakfast can't be bothered preparing anything else to much fuss :-).

  6. Elisabeth; I rarely buy packaged stuff, I prefer putting together my own mix that doesn't have a list of chemical numbers and other additives,but I wanted to try the berry flavour. Now that I know I like it, I'll continue making my own using dried cranberries.

    Snowbrush; the overnight soak softens the rolled oats so they require much less cooking time in the morning. Steel cut oats aren't always available, I just get rolled oats from a bin of loose oats in the health food shop. I have a little calico bag that I made and fill it up each time.

    EC; I hope the smaller prtion tries them and likes them. Oats are so good for you. unless you're allergic.

    Windsmoke; I like my tea black thanks. Skim milk is awful, to me anyway, I know a lot of people drink it, but do they really like it? I was told often by my husband that preparation and cooking was too much fuss, but I like doing it and I like eating something I've prepared. Plus I know exactly what's in my food this way.

  7. "Snowbrush; the overnight soak softens the rolled oats so they require much less cooking time in the morning."

    Maybe yours are heavier. Rolled oats in the U.S. only take about five minutes. Steel-cut oats take about 15-20, but I prefer the rolled oats for the most part. Maybe I don't actually want something THAT hardy in the morning.

  8. I haven't had a good porridge since Pentridge.
    I'll definitely be giving this one a go.
    Well done. Excellent posting!

  9. Snowbrush; out here we have rolled oats and quick oats which are the rolled oats chopped up to cook faster. Maybe that's what you have? Then there's oatmeal, which is rolled oats ground to be fairly fine. That's what is in the prepackaged box. I've never tried steel-cut oats.

    R.H. they serve porridge in Pentridge? It's no longer a bread and water menu?

  10. I love those envelopes too, but the economy is bad. The Lowan plain oats is half the price for twice the weight. A porridge breakfast staves off hunger till at least 1pm.
    I will share my pancake trick for free: throw some calcium rich slivered almonds into the hot pan and let them get a little colour before pouring the mix over them. yum.

  11. Serve porridge in Pentridge? Too right they did! And when you're locked in your cell everyday at four in the afternoon by eight oclock you're starving for it. Each morning we were given two paper cones (old pages from the electoral roll), one filled with sugar, the other with powdered milk. They were supposed to last you the day. Everyone had a metal cup and soon as they got into the yard they mixed some of the powdered milk with water for the porridge, but I always ate my milk straight from the cone, even before we'd lined up for the porridge, then I just emptied all my sugar from the other cone onto it and ate it like that. It was scalding, but that's the deal: pain and sweetness, a bit like romance.

  12. This looks good! We have the same coffee/spice grinder. Mine gets quite the workout. So are you saying you grind your rolled oats up in that grinder as well?
    You have given me a bit of an idea, I hadn't thought of craisins. Yummo.

  13. As the bonehead lower middle classes flounce the entire inner suburbs and especially the slums where I grew up gentrified Pentridge is their ultimate thrill. It's old. A very big grave.


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