I'll be posting on an irregular schedule for a while.

Carpal tunnels are giving me grief and my little ganglion is also very painful right now.

I need to rest the hands and wrists.

I'll keep reading all of you, but probably won't leave as many comments.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your pain River. You're a very supportive member of the blogging community. Take care and look after yourself x

  2. We understand. Hope things clear up quickly for you.

  3. Hope you recover soon! I will miss your blog even though I don't comment on every one.

  4. Yeah, you don't want to push it with carpal tunnel. Relax and enjoy!

  5. So, so sorry. Hope it improves quickly for you. And we will be here waiting.

  6. I read but don't comment so much these days as explained the other day/week? Really hope the carpal tunnel improves soon, although can you get it medically helped. Since I have had an enforced rest from blogging I have found some really lovely blogs I hope you do too. Whilst I love reading your daily snippets I think putting yourself and your health first is paramount. I shall miss you and look forward to your healthy return.
    Take care.

  7. Here's hoping for a swift recovery, take care, we'll all be here waiting for your return :-).

  8. All of you; thanks. I have wrist braces that I sleep in and they help a lot. A big problem is the touchscreens at the checkouts, they are not as responsive as they used to be, (getting old), so we have to tap harder at them, this creates a domino effect through fingertips, knuckles, wrists etc. Also the increasing sizes of things like cans of dog food, especially problematic for those of us with small hands.

  9. River would love to hear if you find a solution [other than surgery.]
    With the loss of use of my right hand comes severe carpal tunnel in the left. About to make an attempt on my voice recognition software in the hope it will solve my problems.

  10. poor you..........I have had both so I know how you feel.

    gentle hugs and feel better soon.

  11. Hi River,

    Hope the pain goes away - I get it from time to time and it isn't pleasant.




  12. Chez; the problem isn't bad enough to require surgery, (which I've heard doesn't always fix the problem anyway). I have wrist braces to wear while I sleep to stop me from curling my hands as I do, this lessens the pressure on the carpal tunnel; apart from that I just rest them as long and as often as I need to. Hence the very short working hours.

    Peskypixies; feeling much better in the wrists now, fingers and knuckles still ache a fair bit.

    Plasman; I've noticed it seems to be much worse in the frosty weather.


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