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Sunday Selections # 187


Angel has been banished

Temporarily of course. 
He's understandably upset and confused, I can hear that in his miaowing, but I have good reason.

You've all seen his wonderfully bushy tail, and this is where the problem is. 

Angel has somehow managed to get a blob of soft poo stuck in those tail hairs, right up near his body.
He's been trying to clean himself, but won't let me help by washing the area.

I can't have him sleeping, or even lying, on my pillows, (his favourite place), or on the couch, until he is clean again, so I shooed him outside to the back porch. I certainly can't have him up on the table until he is clean.
I put his water and food bowls out there, and his litter tray too.

Then I dropped a few "greenies" into his bowl. They are a dental aid treat for cats and he loves them, so while he crunched away I lifted his tail and did a very quick "finger comb" of the area.

Oh yuk!!

It helped, I removed quite a large blob before he turned on me, so I left him to it a…

Angel's Antics

There won't be many more of these Angel's Antics Saturdays.

These photos are from several weeks ago and I just don't have any new ones where he is doing more than sleeping in the sun or on my bed.

there's that whirlpool again, how does she do that?

I like this box Mum, can I keep it?

it's got lots of lovely smells.

if I wait here long enough maybe that spider will come back and I can play with it again.
(he waited in vain, I'd killed the spider)

Wednesday's Words on a Friday

Thursday Thoughts #9

I haven't had much going through my head this week.
I still have moments where I suddenly feel incredibly sleepy. Sunday night for instance, the TV was on and I was doing a code-cracker puzzle, feeling a bit sleepy, yawning, then suddenly I was waking up and thinking I should go to bed. Turned off the TV and went to bed, don't remember falling asleep there at all, just woke up next morning to find the puzzle book open on the table with a puzzle unfinished.

It's new Ikea catalogue month again, advertisements on TV telling people to cover up their "no junk mail" stickers if they want an Ikea catalogue dropped into their mailbox.
Hah! That didn't work for me last year.
I covered my sticker with duct tape and even sent an email saying that I lived in a block of flats but would still like a catalogue, gave them my address and received an email in reply stating that I would definitely receive a catalogue.
I didn't. 

So last Monday, I was going to Ikea to buy a b…

Whimsical Wednesday # 138

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

Today's giggle hasn't been googled, it came to me via email.

Railway carriage bridge.
I think this is a great way to use an old railway carriage!

Musical Monday # 22


Sunday Selections # 186