Wednesday's Words on a Friday

On Wednesdays, Delores, from Under The Porch Light, has a meme which she calls

“Words for Wednesday”.

She puts up a selection of six words which we then use in a short story, or a poem.

I’m hopeless at poetry so I always do a story.

It’s a fun challenge…why not join in?

This week's words are:

1. infiltrate
2. splendid
3. gastronomic
4. chipped
5. dither
6. tankard

we also have a rhyming selection:

1. infringed
2. impinged (there's a word you don't hear often)
3. unhinged (me, after trying to include impinged in a story)
4. whinged
5. singed
6. cringed 

Here is my story:

I had to face facts.  When it came to her business, or more correctly, a challenge to her business, my sweet wife turned into a bit of a bully. 

Yesterday, I'd been sitting peacefully in the sunshine, sipping iced tea from my favourite chipped tankard, (it had been my grandfather's), when she'd stormed through the house and out into the yard, demanding that I "do something, Terry!"

I'd had no idea whatsoever that something had been brewing away in her pretty head, but it was immediately clear that if I didn't "do something" she was going to come unhinged. Mentally. 

She stomped and whinged as I cringed, ever so slightly, and hoped she hadn't noticed.

My darling Patricia had owned and run the local bakery -Patty's Perfect Pastries- for many years now and business had been excellent. Patty had a real knack with pastries and cakes and her reputation had spread far. 

Many people came from the surrounding towns and farms to place orders for business lunches, birthday parties, even a couple of weddings had been catered for.  

Walk-in-off-the-street trade had been good too, pies and pasties for lunches, tarts for afternoon teas, croissants for Sunday breakfasts, all sold in decent amounts daily. 

But now competition had reared its ugly head. A new challenger was on the scene. And people were buying there instead of from Patty's. 

Gabrielle's Gastronomic Garden had opened with great fanfare last week and made quite a splash in the town. Gabrielle had bought and renovated the burnt out nursery, turned the display building into a kitchen and cafe and used the grounds to create small themed eating areas. Rumours flew about the town quicker than you could say "pssst! have you heard?"

Gabrielle's gastronomic fare was simply splendid! Her cakes were lighter than air, her pastries simply melted in your mouth!

Now, Patty was demanding I stop dithering about and get myself down there. Infiltrate somehow and find out Gabrielle's secrets. 

What did Patty think I was? A spy? I had never infringed upon anyone's business before, what made Patty think I could do so now? I was the mild mannered school nerd type.

But it was clear, I had to try something. Patty had been so distracted thinking of Gabrielle and her recipes, that she had singed an entire order of tarts early this morning. 

Gabrielle's business had impinged upon Patty's and life would no longer be easy for me if I didn't at least try to "do something!" 

Reminding Patty that the town had grown significantly in the last decade and could easily handle another bakery did absolutely nothing to calm her down, although time would more than likely prove me right. 

I placated Patty with a promise of applying for a job in Gabrielle's kitchen; maybe I could sneak a look at a recipe or three; at the very least I could watch her methods and see if she did things in any significantly different ways. 

So here I was, resume in hand, staring at the lovely ancient wrought iron gates, giving myself the mental kick start I needed to approach the tiny office adjoining the cafe, where I would apply as dishwasher and/or waiter, whichever Gabrielle had need of. 

I had my own dilemma to solve. If I was successful in gaining employment with Gabrielle, who would I be loyal to? 

Gabrielle, by keeping any secrets she might have regarding recipes and methods?            Or Patty? By stealing recipes from Gabrielle? 

I hoped Gabrielle would turn down my application.


  1. Poor Terry, he is in such a dilemma. I hope his application is turned down. And that Patty calms down.

  2. Oh dear what a problem.
    How do you come up with these ideas.
    Maybe you could come up some ideas on what to paint, I have a blank mind at the moment.

  3. You've left me hungry not only for some delectable pastries, but for what the outcome is!

    Have a great weekend, River...hugs to Angel. :)

  4. Brilliant first person's account!

  5. And great use of the words!

  6. Awesome--you roped them all in! I feel for Patty and Gabrielle. Pastry is worth fighting for.

  7. Another great are quite the word master.

  8. Elephant's Child; Patty has forgotten that people will always flock to what is new in town, but many will return to what they know best.

    Merle; trust me when I say I had no idea at all what to write until a half hour before going to bed.
    You could paint Gabrielle's Gastronomic Garden cafe.

    Lee; I wouldn't mind a pastry or three myself now.

    mm; thank you, I hadn't thought about which voice I was writing in.

    Susan Kane; things work out for both Patty and Gabrielle, it just takes time for the novelty of a new cafe to wear off.

    Delores; thank you very much. Impinged gave me a bit of bother.


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