Angel's Antics

These photos are from a few months ago, I don't think I've posted them before.

mum will never find me behind this cushion

neighbour's cat, who likes to flaunt his freedom by strolling across the porch oh-so-slowly while Angel watches from inside.

I'll just take this instrument of torture and hide it somewhere.

these are fun to play with

tangled strings?  what tangled strings? 

look mum, I tied a knot!

I came home from shopping one day to find Angel had managed to tie a knot in his lead as he played with it.

watching the world go by.


  1. He is such a charmer. And, as these photos remind me, growing sooooo fast.

  2. What an innocent little face.

  3. Gorgeous, clever and full of tricks - he's a very special boy :)

  4. Funny to see him when he was younger. The black cat is very nice looking.

  5. Angel may long for the outdoors, but he has a wonderful life inside. Sweet baby.

  6. He was the cutest kitten but he is still very appealing.

  7. That black cat is almost the image of our old Soot, the cat that Phil really missed so much when he went. Your Angel is a character and you can tell he is a thinking cat. I told Karen this morning to check out your blog especially those posts about Angel. She met Candy this morning and he hopped on both her and her hubby's lap so no fear of strangers.
    I still love the patterns on Angel's coat. So different to many tabby cats.

  8. Elephants Child; he's eating a bit more now, as we all do in the winter, so he's growing even more. He must be reaching his full size soon, he's eight months old now.

    Delores; he looks like he couldn't put a foot wrong doesn't he? But we know better.

    Vicki; I'm getting used to his tricks now and know when he's thinking of mischief.

    Andrew; he doesn't look very much different now, just bigger. The black cat is actually a very dark brown, like 70% chocolate. and very very friendly.

    Susan Kane; he's mostly used to staying indoors now, it helps that he has the back porch where he can see more yard and smell the grasses and trees.

    Merle; he's very appealing, so soft and fluffy.

    Mimsie; it's unusual for a tabby to have spots as Angel does, one of his sisters has exactly the same markings but in a much lighter shade. So nice that Candy is trusting and has no fear of strangers, clearly she has been treated well her whole life.
    The black cat is actually a very dark brown, he gleams in the sun, he's a pedigree of some sort.

  9. I never tire from looking at Angel. I think Remy & Shama feel similar as they're both sitting here with me at my keyboard! :)

    Have a great weekend, River.

  10. Lee; he's very lovely to look at. I've had a great weekend, caught up with my brother and his lovely V, my niece and great nephew.


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