**koff koff**koff koff**

I won't be around much this weekend.
The unthinkable has happened.
I am sick. 
After years of bragging that I don't get colds, I now have one. 
Coughing, queasiness, hot and cold shivers, the works.


I'll be spending the weekend sipping hot teas, eating miniscule amounts of toast & jam and sleeping a lot. 
I have Vicks Vaporub on my chest and plenty of water nearby, so I'll be fine. I even went out and bought some cough syrup, gosh that stuff tastes awful. 

Angel is a little confused by my new smell, but coping rather well.

I know how this happened. Walking along a city street, a young man turned his head to cough and there I was, right in the line of fire. He coughed right into my face.

Going to bed now, as soon as I feed Angel.


  1. I am so sorry. I hope your furry hot water bottle is good to you.
    Get better soon.

  2. Egads I would have had to punch the guy. Or at the very least. I would have immediately grabbed my funky peppermint scented hand sanitiser and put it pretty much everywhere - hands, face, anything else I felt might have got germy as a surprise.

    I get these little hand sanitisers from Hawaii and they are all kinds of amazing scents, and they have a little doo-hickey with which they attach to your handbag.

    I hope your flu is not the flu we still are getting over. That was the worst I have felt in a long, long time. Pretty much everyone I know here has had it and just as bad as we did.

    We had peach flavoured cough syrup and it was absolutely horrible tasting. Oddly the other half liked it and he never likes fruit flavoured things. Every time I would take it all the hairs on my neck would stand up. I felt like there was hair standing up in places I am not certain I have hair. Like inside my ear canals and on my collarbones.

    I will also mention something which my old doctor in Adelaide told me years ago - there are these little tablets called Bisolvon and they say that they clear up mucus on the chest. I was having a real problem with my ears and working in a call centre that was a bit of a problem and the Dr suggested I try the Bisolvon for that. It really works a treat and I still use it now from time to time for the ears, and also I have been using it lately for my sinuses because I am fed up being treated like a criminal when I ask for pseudo-ephedrine. I always have Bisolvon in the medicine chest now. Just check with your pharmacist that it doesn't interact with other stuff you are taking, as always.. :)

    Teas were a big thing I relied on and also cup a soup. Also on Saturday night we ordered some Italian food from our favourite local place - I got a pasta but also ordered a pizza because I did not feel like cooking at all and I knew I could eat that for all the meals the next day, which I did.

    Longest comment ever, sorry :) Fingers crossed you will be feeling much better asap! ;)

  3. So sorry you got the bug....always miserable. I'm sure you don't need more advice on how to deal with it so, guess what, here's some advice. Eat something spicy, drink something hot, take your cough medicine, pile on the blankets and sweat like crazy. This bunch over here finds it helps speed up the process of getting over colds and flu. Get better soon. Healing thoughts headed your way.

  4. You really did tempt fate. Hot and cold shivers might be a bit more than a cold? Don't take anything for granted. There is no point saying, hope you feel better tomorrow, as you won't. It will take some time to recover.

  5. I am so sorry--it can be a long ten days.

  6. Sweet dreams to good health.

  7. Take the usual as listed, and watch some classic movies. Sleep a lot. Pet Angel. Sorry there is no rapid cure!

  8. With the proper medication, you can get over a cold or the flu in 10 days--without medication, it can take a week & a half!!

  9. Rotten news about your being sick. Sounds like the 'flu with aches and pains.
    What a horrible bloke to cough right in your face. Some people have no thought for other people.
    I am sure Angel will try and look after you.
    Please get well soon.

  10. A very spoiled and well loved kitty. :)

  11. So sorry to hear that you have been sick. I found your blog through Words for Wednesday, and I enjoy reading your posts. Get better soon!


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