leather dream

I had an odd dream in the predawn hours of Wednesday morning. I'd been up at 5am to give Angel his breakfast, then gone back to bed. Usually he is fairly insistent about me getting up again, but this time he allowed me to go back to sleep.  To dream.

I was in a clothing shop, just browsing, when I spotted a rack of leather jackets with sales tickets on each one. The reduced price was so ridiculously low (39.95) and one jacket in particular caught my eye. I decided to try it on and it fit me so well and felt so comfortable, I kept it on as I continued to wander the store. With the price tag dangling from the sleeve for anyone to see. I didn't see anything else to attract my attention, so decided to go back to where the jackets were and look at the leather handbags.

When I got back to the leather section, I found the rack of jackets had been moved way back to where customers couldn't easily access it and there were security guards standing around. I knew they were waiting for me and guessed there were probably more guards at the doors to prevent me leaving. I wasn't concerned or afraid, not one bit. I went to the counter and said to the salesgirl, this jacket is so comfortable, I've had it on the whole time I've been wandering around, so I'll pay for it now so you can cut off the price tag and remove the security button, then I'll just keep wearing it.

So I paid for the jacket, everyone looked very relieved that I wasn't trying to steal it, then I went looking at the handbags. I couldn't find any I liked, then I woke up.


  1. Interesting dream....it's like you were screaming to the universe "I'm an honest person" and then feeling like you have to prove it.

  2. Delores; I was more taken by the freedom I had to shop without thinking of the cost. That so rarely happens; I have to count every penny most of the time. I guess the honesty thing was in there too.

  3. 39.95 and a perfect fit...oh yeah, you were dreaming!

  4. Yes, we're shopping in your dreams, too.

  5. haha I think you secretly want a new leather jacket. :)

  6. You should have bought it in two colours! You’ll never get it at that price again.

  7. It is a very lucky dream! Buy some lottery today!

  8. Friko is right. A perfect fit, and affordable. Two colours. At least.

  9. I can't remember shopping in my dreams but it's
    cheaper than real life, that was a bargain.

  10. joeh; I knew I was dreaming as I was dreaming it. One of those 'aware' dreams.

    Joanne; what did you buy in my dream?

    Life happens; I've never had a leather jacket, I'd love to have one.

    Friko; two colours! I didn't dream of that.

    mm; a lucky dream? Buy some lottery tickets? But then I'd have to go back to the shop, I've already been out this morning.

    Elephant's Child; brown and black? The one I dreamed of was a rich tobacco brown leather, I'm pretty sure it was the only one in my size on that dream rack.

    Merle; this is the first time I've ever dreamed of shopping and it's the first dream I've been able to recall fully in quite a while. Most of the time I just remember that I dreamed but not what I dreamed.

  11. What a great dream! SO REAL! And then you wake up wondering where you popped the jacket, right?

  12. Susan Kane; I already have a leather shoulder bag, with an old leather wallet inside.

    Happy Christine; No, I knew I was dreaming as I was dreaming, so didn't bother looking for a non existent jacket. It was a beautiful jacket though!


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