Thursday Thoughts #9

I haven't had much going through my head this week.
I still have moments where I suddenly feel incredibly sleepy. Sunday night for instance, the TV was on and I was doing a code-cracker puzzle, feeling a bit sleepy, yawning, then suddenly I was waking up and thinking I should go to bed. Turned off the TV and went to bed, don't remember falling asleep there at all, just woke up next morning to find the puzzle book open on the table with a puzzle unfinished.

It's new Ikea catalogue month again, advertisements on TV telling people to cover up their "no junk mail" stickers if they want an Ikea catalogue dropped into their mailbox.
Hah! That didn't work for me last year.
I covered my sticker with duct tape and even sent an email saying that I lived in a block of flats but would still like a catalogue, gave them my address and received an email in reply stating that I would definitely receive a catalogue.
I didn't. 

So last Monday, I was going to Ikea to buy a birthday present for my great-nephew who will be one year old in a couple of weeks, and decided that I would pick up a catalogue while I'm there.
I didn't. 
Had a quick look for one before heading to the cafe section before shopping, but couldn't see any, so made a mental note to ask for a catalogue when checking out.
I didn't.
Completely forgot.

Should I email and request one?  That didn't work last year...
I could flip through the catalogue online, but that's not as much fun as having real pages to turn and make notes on.

Here's another problem I'm facing since recovering from the flu.
I just don't want to.
I've had several meals from the freezer, and I've eaten things like scrambled eggs on toast, baked beans on toast, pancakes, toasted sandwiches. None of which is truly satisfying when I want steak and a baked potato, or a roast chicken dinner.
If only I felt in the mood to cook.
I know I will eventually, I just hope it happens sooner rather than later.

Now take note of my previous sentence. See that? "...sooner rather than later."
"than", not "then".
than is the correct word, yet time and again I see then used in its place.
And I cringe every time.


  1. It's almost as bad as the confusion over our and are. That one drives me mental when I see it.

  2. I am afraid to comment for fear of making a grammatical error.

    Still, you just got over the flu you should treat yourself and go out for a nice stake dinner. It may give you the strength to start cooking.

  3. I did the stake thing to get your juices flowing.

  4. OOOOOH! Another pedant!
    Join me and the other old fogies who mind about correct usage.

    Flu does leave you a bit washed out and enervated, doesn’t it.

    I like scrambled eggs on toast, what’s wrong with that? Still, I hope you get your roast chicken dinner soon.

  5. Slow and easy does it; toast and eggs won't kill you.

  6. Pedants of the world unite.
    And it sounds as if you need to continue to take it very quietly for a while. Flu is a slow moving cow, and much faster coming in than leaving.

  7. When I'm not in the mood to cook, I find good old sardines on toast are a good substitute...and sardines are so good for you. I mash them up with finely chopped onion, sprinkle over some cider vinegar; spread on toast (or fresh bread) and top with sliced tomato...yummy!

    Why don't you ring your Ikea store and ask them to send you a catalogue...or hold one for you until you're next in the vicinity....or go for a walk around your neighbourhood and nick one from a mailbox!'t do that! ;)

  8. I have some very old Ikea catalogues, kept because I thought it would be fun years later to see what furniture was around back then. Nothing's changed!

    I've never noticed the misuse of then. If I have misused it, then it was a typo as it quite obvious to me which is correct.

  9. Well I never have felt like cooking in my whole life. It makes it difficult that I hate cooking because I never eat out and don't like other's cooking either. My meals consist of very simple food , a lot of raw and seeds and nuts. My digestive system only allows me to eat my own "so called cooking." Haha That's another part of old age.

    I probably use than and then wrong .... always. But why would I know (or even care) as I'm a country hick.

    The next moon in Leo ...... enters at 11:10 P.M. Sept 18, and leaves Leo at 11:54 A.M. Sept 21. You would have to adjust for the time difference. I've used the Llewellyn's Daily Planetary guide for many years. A new one always comes out at the beginning of the year. I guess you could also find it online..... I have. Even if I don't want a haircut, I take the scissors and just dust off the ends, but barely. I also use that astrology as a daily guide or journal when I want to remember something. I've always tried to trim my hair during the middle part of it's stay in Leo. It really works. I remember my grandfather and my father both used to plant their crops with the moon phases. I try to but I can't always make the right connection. My hair is still fine and sparse but it does make it grow faster.

    Hope you are soon feeling chipper again.

  10. Delores; I'd forgotten about our and are; that is just as bad, I cringe over that one too.

    joeh; comment away, I'll excuse your errors because you make me laugh.

    Friko; I'm feeling a bit more like cooking now, yesterday I baked a pan of brownies, then had a steak and mashed potatoes for dinner. Today I think I'll buy a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket, then I'll just have to put a pan of veggies in the oven.

    Joanne; but toast and eggs everyday gets boring.

    Elephant's Child; I am still resting a lot, but feeling much more myself than when I wrote this.

    Lee; sardines?? yuk. I prefer the Herrings in tomato sauce, mashed onto rye bread with a slice of cheese under the fish.
    I'll just get a catalogue next time I'm at Ikea, I'm not wasting my prepaid minutes on hold.

    Andrew; there isn't often much that's new in the Ikea catalogues, so there isn't much point in getting one, but I like to flip the pages and dream. I toss out the scribbled over old one each year.
    I haven't noticed you misusing then and than, your grammar is pretty good.

    Manzanita; usually I love to cook. It's getting difficult though because I don't often want to use the oven for such things as one roast potato; microwaved potato just isn't the same. I'm beginning to understand why so many older people just open a can of something, but I don't like canned food much.
    So the moon is in Leo only once per year? That will make it easier to keep track. I'll look up the Llewellyn's guide online.
    Years ago I tried planting veggies by the moon guide, but it didn't make any difference to how they grew or even whether they grew. Where I live seems to make more difference. Here in this block of flats, I can't grow any veggies, not even beans, they start, then die.

  11. I have stick it notes and pencils at hand throughout the house for quick reminders. Sometimes, there's just too much going on in my head that I end up forgetting most everything! My colander brain.

    If you would like the latest IKEA catalogue, email them again and state how disappointed that you never received the last one. Worked for me...

    A baked potato (with a dollop of plain yoghurt) and salad is easy and satisfying.

  12. Ikea has not much that is inspiring in it's little book but I'm not all the way only half so there could be something really great at the back.
    And the flu this year does things to your eating habits we eat a lot of those quick meals too at the moment.

  13. Vicki; I'll email them again and see what happens.
    Baked potatoes are easy, but I'm not keen on turning on the oven for just one potato. I could try microwaving one, but they haven't turned out well in the past. Salads can wait for warmer weather.

    Merle; I like to look through it and pretend I have enough money (and space) to replace some of my furniture.


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