Angel's Antics

Not so much in the way of antics anymore, the weather is cold, so napping is the order of the day, plus Angel seems to do his cute stuff now when I don't have the camera handy. By the time I run to get it, he's finished being cute and having another nap. 
A most exasperating kitten/cat.

if I had a fur coat this thick, I'd probably enjoy sitting by an open back door too.

the books? Wasn't me Mum,

I'm way over here on the other side of the room!

someone's fur hat?

nope, it's a cat. 


what a life!


  1. So comfy....zzzzz.

  2. Love it. And him.
    Jewel is camera phobic too. When I get the camera out she scurries off.
    Jazz is pretty good on the destroying books front. And being nowhere near the scene of the crime.

  3. If we wanted to capture every single cute or special moment we would literally have to have our cameras slung around our necks 24/7! What a tail that boy has!!
    I adore your vintage cupboard River, did you paint yourself? It's just lovely.

  4. Delores; no one relaxes quite as fully as a cat.

    Joanne; it's beautiful isn't it? Except when it sheds.

    Elephant's Child; he's not camera phobic so much, just that I don't always have the camera beside me and ready to go. So Jazz is a "book lover" too!

    Rose~from OZ; the one on the back porch? yes, I did paint that myself.

  5. What a wonderful life indeed, Angel.

    That tail is almost as big as he is!!

  6. Vicki; I think that tail could out-bush a fox tail! It's astonishing.

  7. Gee! Life is tough when you're a cat with a loving owner! ;)

  8. When they grow up they know how to relax, when we grow up there is alway so much to do.

  9. Lee; life is even tougher when that loving owner makes you wait until 5am for breakfast, but he's getting used to it. I simply refuse to get up and open cans at 3am. Ditto dinnertime.

    Merle; I look around and see everything that needs doing and I relax anyway. Those books won't read themselves!

  10. When you mentioned someone's hat I remember how Phil used to say that Precious would make a good pair of gloves (just joking of course). Angel has a magnificent tail. Does he chase it much I wonder as Candy tears round in circles chasing hers and it's not a very long tail but she manages to catch it sometimes.
    Lovely pictures again.


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