Angel's Antics

There won't be many more of these Angel's Antics Saturdays.

These photos are from several weeks ago and I just don't have any new ones where he is doing more than sleeping in the sun or on my bed.

there's that whirlpool again, how does she do that?

I like this box Mum, can I keep it?

it's got lots of lovely smells.

if I wait here long enough maybe that spider will come back and I can play with it again.
(he waited in vain, I'd killed the spider)


  1. What memories this gave me of my 18 pound cat sleeping in the bathroom sink, then leaning over to watch the "whirlpool".

    When we were painting and had a ladder leaning up against the house, he also climbed up on the roof.

  2. You have such a good friend in Angel!

  3. What cute pictures! I especially like the one of Angel peering into the toilet. If our cats spot a bug of any kind, they will glue themselves to the spot for hours, just staring and waiting for it to show itself again. (Even if, like you, we already killed the bug.)

  4. Funny stuff, almost enough to make me want to have a cat...almost.

  5. Funny stuff, almost enough to make me want to have a cat...almost.

  6. With that tail of his you should call him "Basil Brush"! lol At least you know if you wear out your feather duster you have Angel's tail as a substitute. :)

    Give him a cuddle for me.

    Remy, my male cat and I played musical chairs yesterday (not an uncommon occurrence around here)...every time I vacated my computer chair he commandeered it...he won out in the end!

  7. Boxes are always good. Very good.
    We frequently have paw prints descending into the toilet bowl.
    One of our cats was a master spider killer. He used to spit out the drumsticks though...
    Angel, and his tail, are looking very good indeed.

  8. lotta joy; 18 pounds? I was worried that Angel might be getting too heavy at just over 7 pounds. Angel likes to climb my ladder, then sit up there pretending he can't get down.

    Susan Kane; he's a good friend, but also a pain in the you-know-what a lot of the time.

    Joanne; just like kids. I swear my eldest was born just last week, now her girl is already 20!!

    Susan; he'll sit for hours by the front door watching anything that moves out there.

    joeh; almost?

    Lee; we do the musical chairs thing too, he wins with the couch.

    Elephant's Child; he chewed that box to pieces, so now he doesn't have one. He seems to have a thing for cardboard, any left lying around gets chewed on.

  9. Always love to see Angel at work :)

    You can always save up photos when you snap him doing stuff, put them in a folder on your computer and post them say, once a month - still calling it Angel's Antics, or, The Angel Files...

  10. Great pics again but I understand about new photos. Although Candy plays a lot it's not like she's a kitten still growing up.
    I've never known a cat not love to play in a box. Our Henry would get in a box and then try and escape even though the top was still open. Henry was a bit like that but not all that bright perhaps.
    Perhaps 'The Angel Files' is a thought as Vicki suggested. Cat photos are always enjoyable.


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