Thursday Thoughts #8

Well thank heavens for scheduled posts!
You all know I've been ill; if it weren't for pre-scheduling, this blog would have been a series of blank pages this past week.

Now of course, I have a lot of catch up reading and commenting to do, but I won't be rushing into it.

Let me tell you something, if that's the flu, then I don't want to ever have it again!
After my announcement that I had a cold, I took myself to bed, thinking I'd sleep it off and be fine. I'd bought cough syrup on the way home, so had some before going to bed. OMG! That stuff is awful! I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth!


Poor Angel. He was so confused by me being ill, something new in his experience and just to top it off, I didn't smell like me anymore. He gave up sleeping on my chest (bonus), didn't even sleep on the bed.
I smelled like Vicks Vaporub, cough syrup and sweat. And we all know that an "ill" sweat is more pungent than regular sweat. 
For two days I wrapped up in layers of singlets, t-shirts, pyjamas and dressing gown, fluffy socks and a hot water bottle and stayed in bed. With the doona pulled up all the way to my ears. 
And get this! I had to sleep sitting up because when I lay down, the wheezing in my throat each time I exhaled sounded just like the noise you get from the neck of a balloon when you stretch it as you let the air out. Remember that sound? 

I turned the aircon up high, switched the fan on it to high and got the lounge room really warm and also had a small three bar heater going in the bedroom.  This way I wouldn't get chilled going between rooms to feed Angel and let him out into the back porch whenever he wanted. I think I probably spent 22 hours a day asleep. I just couldn't stay awake, even with all the coughing, I slept.
And sweated. 

The coughing was awful! My muscles ached from ribs to hips from it and the bladder got so stressed I was wetting my knickers with each cough.  I wasn't drinking much water at that point because I was terribly queasy so I don't know where all that wee was coming from! 

The queasiness was the worst of all, the headache, the fever, the aches, were nothing compared to the nausea. 
In my opinion, nausea alone could topple armies! 

I woke up Monday morning feeling much better, my temperature was down and my legs felt steadier, so I warmed up the bathroom, had a shower and dressed in fresh pyjamas, then stripped the bed of the sweaty sheets and pillowcases. Remade the bed, had a cup of tea and crawled back in. 

I spent most of Monday sleeping and alternating spots with Angel. Whenever I left the bed, he'd jump into the warm spot, so I'd lie on the couch for my next nap. When I got up, he'd jump into that warm spot and I'd head back into bed. 
Musical beds.  
And I turned off the heaters, it was sunny outside so I opened the doors and let the cold fresh air blow through. Wrapped myself in a blanket of course, sunny does not equal warm at this time of year.

Tuesday morning saw a return of appetite, but no inclination to actually prepare and cook anything. Hooray for frozen home cooked meals!  I thawed a beef casserole portion, knowing I wouldn't eat it all, but Angel would love a share so it wouldn't get wasted.
I'd had chicken vegetable soup on the Monday and Angel had loved the chicken pieces I put on his plate. 

So here I am, on the mend and hoping like hell I never get that sick again. 



  1. I am so glad to hear you are on the mend.
    It does indeed sound like flu - which is awful.
    Keep healing, and hugging Angel.

  2. Sounds awful....I'm so glad you're on the mend.

  3. That is proper flu and not the flu people say when they get a cold. Pleased to hear you are getting better. It takes time, so keep right on sleeping on an as needs basis.

  4. That flu sounded horrible. Glad you're feeling better.

  5. That was horrible. Don't do it again!

  6. I survived this flu thanks to cup-a-soup and antibiotics.

    Specifically Asian Laksa cup-a-soup which is a recent find for me and I am a little CRAZY OBSESSIVE about it. :)

    They have a hot and spicy version which cleared my sinuses. But it is very hot and spicy so I do not recommend that version for general life. ;)

  7. I've been wondering how you were coming along, River. I sure am glad you're on the mend. It sounds terrible. I don't envy you at all.

    Keep taking good care of yourself...and Angel...hugs to Angel...and to you. :)

  8. I've been wondering how you were coming along, River. I sure am glad you're on the mend. It sounds terrible. I don't envy you at all.

    Keep taking good care of yourself...and Angel...hugs to Angel...and to you. :)

  9. Elephant's Child; definitely on the mend, but it's jasmine season so I'll have sniffles and headache still for a while.

    Delores; I never want to feel that bad again. I don't know how people can casually dismiss this! "oh, I get this every year"

    Andrew; I am still sleeping a lot, which is annoying Angel as I've pinched the couch for naps and that's his daytime spot.

    Molly; one of the worst weeks of my life. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

    Joanne; yes mum, I'll try my best.

    Snoskred; I survived with applesauce, herbal teas and mineral water. Hot and spicy anything isn't for me.

    Vicki; me too!

    Lee; it was very awful going through it, I'm glad it's mostly over, just a headache, but that could be hayfever, it is jasmine season after all.

  10. Just wanted to say that I'm glad you're feeling better!!!

  11. Ohhhh! I'm so sorry you were sick. Bless you - hope you are feeling much much better.


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