Whimsical Wednesday # 136

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

Today's giggle is not googled, it is another of the comic strips that used to live on my wall.
Before Angel discovered the joys of ripping into them. 
Calvin and Hobbes

it's a longer post...

another strip I had to remove from the wall beside the kitchen

I do love Calvin's parents

they're so down to earth

practical, everyday type people

not fooled by advertising

able to "read between the lines"

and they're able to cope with the torture genius that is Calvin!


  1. Those strips are all just too close to reality to be funny.

  2. Delores; I still find them funny.

  3. I do wonder if uber consumers even receive catalogs or watch TV. Those tablets just aren't big enough.

  4. They certainly say it as it is.

    Oh! By the way, I bought myself a NutriBullet yesterday. I will use it, though...I hope. It's the magic bullet to good health! :)

  5. I do love Calvin - and his parents. And wonder who much of these cartoons is based on Bill Watterson's own life.

  6. Junk mail what would we do without it, the funny thing is I often get it and see something I want then I think about it and decide I don't really want it so it doesn't work on me...............

  7. ... I love this post, River...
    I think it's funny... :) :)
    Junk mail is lost on me because I rarely read it...but my Hubby and Mum, now that's another story... they LOVE the junk mail.
    Hugs and Blessings ... Barb xx

  8. Oh, how I miss the old Calvin and Hobbs cartoons. They were a lot better than most of the strips in our paper nowadays.

  9. Joanne; I know I don't receive catalogues, I have a no junk mail sticker on my mailbox. I know nothing of uber consumers however. Many people here take those catalogues from their boxes and dump them straight into their bins.

    Lee; "say it as it is", that's what I like about them.Yet sometimes Calvin's Dad tell huge fibs, watch this space next Wednesday and see.

    Elephant's Child; I wonder the same thing. Was he a Calvin or is he father to a Calvin?

    Merle; I'm the same, see it in a catalogue at my daughter's home and say "Oh one of those would be nice", then by the time I get home I've forgotten about it or decided I don't need it.

    Barbara Neubeck; many people I know don't read them, they just toss them from letterbox to bin. I have a no junk mail sticker so I don't even get them.

    Susan; move to Australia, we still get Calvin and Hobbes strips. :)

  10. There is so much truth in those cartoons. Seems there are so many things we just CAN'T do without but really don't need.
    We still get things in the mail addressed to us offering weird things and if there is a reply paid envelope I just pop the items in there and post them back making sure first our name doesn't appear anywhere.
    I love Calvin's parents much more than I enjoy Calvin himself. I think that comic strip still appears in our West Australian every morning.

  11. Advertising and media in a nutshell!

  12. Delightful! A favorite comic strip of this family for many years.

  13. Mimsie; that's one of the reasons I love Calvin and Hobbes, the truth in them. I never thought of sending back any of those things, I will now.

    Jackie K; yes, exactly.

    Geo; I have quite a collection taped to my walls here.

    Cate; that's why we love it!

  14. Clever, observational writing brought to life by wonderful illustrations :)

  15. Calvin and Hobbs...brilliant work. How I miss that series.


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