Things that make me happy

My home is cluttered. 
I live in a small one bedroom flat with very limited storage space and I have too much stuff.

I see clean uncluttered spaces in other peoples homes on the internet and look around at my things and think "I should probably put at least half of this stuff away."
But unless an empty, room sized, cupboard is going to magically appear out of nowhere, it just isn't happening.

Besides, I strongly suspect that I am a clutter type of person.  

If I wasn't, I wouldn't have so much stuff in the first place.


This post has been inspired by Kelley who writes at Magneto Bold Too.

Kelley showed us a few of the lovely things that bring a smile to her face whenever she sees them and invited us to do the same. 

Here are some of my happy things. 

Things that make me smile, things that I love and have loved since I got them. 

My butterfly lampshade that I found at one of the "hard rubbish collections" one year. With one of the semi circular panels broken, covered in dust and no lamp base, I could still see the beauty, so brought it home and cleaned it up, then fitted it to an old lamp base I had stashed away. 

My mum's crystal dessert plates, once a set of six, now only five. Mum brought these with her when we came out from Germany.

This quirky little bouncy elephant magnet, given to me for my birthday by a friend. He is attached to his magnet by a short spring, his ears are attached by a short spring and his trunk is too, so whenever I open or close the fridge door, he bounces. Angel loves it. 

My Christmas elf that I have had since I was four or five years old. 

Bedroom furniture that I painted myself (see the brush marks?) in colours that I love.

Once a roomful of mismatched new and secondhand pieces,

now the colours tie the room together. There is another small chest of drawers in the same colours as this miniature one.

My quilt cover set, a little faded now at eighteen years old, I still love it and wouldn't dream of replacing it.

This small paper weight, given to me by one of my sons, bought at school from one of those "buy mum a gift" stalls held every year in time for Mother's Day.

The small spray of glow-in-the-dark stars I stuck onto my fridge. My own little Milky Way.

A house warming wind chime gift from one of my girls. 

Lastly, my Witch House, bought by ex hubby #2. It was the only one in the store and when he wanted to buy it, the manager said it wasn't for sale until all the witches, available separately and individually, had been sold.  So L bought all the witches, and the house. There are seventeen witches here, I stuck them on with super glue, and three others hidden in a drawer because Angel won't leave them alone. The house is now in a glass front cupboard up high so he can't get to it.

Why not join us and show a few of the things you love most, things that make you smile when you see them. Link back to Kelley if you do.


  1. Those are all lovely, cheerful things that express your personality.

  2. I love them.
    And I too have a cluttered house and a cluttered mind. And smile at some of the clutter in my house each and every day.

  3. Your Mum's plates are gorgeous River. My place is a small 2 bedroom house (I call it the apartment in the 'burbs it's so tiny) and I find that very difficult to keep uncluttered, but so far I'm winning!
    YOur garden is looking fabulous and its going to evolve beautifully over time.
    (I tried to comment earlier but my connection failed so I don't know if it came through)
    Enjoy the new week River!

  4. Great colours and what's a few brush strokes.

  5. What an intriguing collection of treasured things. I love the colours you used on the painted furniture.

  6. I can think of no greater adventure or more interesting conversation than a visit to house containing seventeen witches. Your enchanted objects are delightful!

  7. All different but all so special to you. Love that lamp shade and those bedroom colours.
    I too am a cluttered person but have been decluttering fiercely for years now. Finally getting there but still more to go, even clothes too as really I don't need them all and rarely wear them.
    I had some nice things that I had inherited but have passed them on to daughter and granddaughters which left some space here.

  8. Delores; I do like happy things, every figurine I own has a smile, even the dragons.

    Elephant's Child; I frown at the clutter, but love the individual parts that make up the clutter. It's a constant conflict.

    Rose~from OZ; they are genuine lead crystal and ring when tapped with a fingernail, some of the "teeth" are chipped off and one got broken when my youngest carried his own plate to the sink and tripped over his own feet. He was 18 months old. I planted flower seeds in that garden bed this morning. They'll be a splash of colour in the spring.

    Merle; I love the brush strokes, hand painted furniture is loved furniture and the colours are my favourites. My mum was a pastel lady and never understood my need for strong and bright colour.

    Andrew; Everything there has a memory and I love my colours too. I see homes on the internet real estate sites and they are all white, or all beige, they look so cold and unfeeling.

    Geo; there are more witches, I have two bigger ones and some dragons also.

    Mimsie; I've been decluttering too, but now I'm down to stuff I just don't want to let go yet. Everything here holds a memory. Even my dinner plates, they don't match anything else in the cupboard, but my K gave them to me for Christmas one year and I have used them every day since. They must be 14-16 years old by now.

  9. Everything made me smile. But especially the surprise stars on your fridge! Love it!

  10. I an certainly very glad that you gave the lovely lampshade a lease of life.


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