are we heading for another Ice Age?

Heard on the radio at 9am this morning, we've just had the coldest August morning in 126 years!

1.1C at sunrise.

If we're heading into another Ice Age, I want to know now. NOW. So I can prepare.
I'll need fur linings for all my clothes and shoes, probably a pair of fur lined boots too, not to mention gloves and hoods.

I'm more convinced than ever that you people in those snow and ice winter countries are tough.
TOUGH I say!!
How the heck do you live through that??

I would most likely spend the entire winter about six inches away from a heater turned up high.

I know in the past I've said I prefer cooler weather, but that's "cooler" not cold or freezing.
Australian springtime and mid to late autumn is fine with me.


  1. For at least 20 years I have been convinced we have been heading for another ice age. I am very warm-natured, but an ice age might have me whimpering in front of a heater.

  2. This Californian quite agrees with your preference for Spring and Fall temperatures. However, our thermometer has got stuck around 40°C for the past month and gave us only slight respite this cloudy morning. I do not think we're entering another ice age. Perhaps if we all got out and pushed, we could tilt the planet so both hemispheres have more agreeable weather.

  3. One of my brothers lives in Adelaide and he would agree with you. And is miserable in the weather you are currently having. We are a bit cooler up here - and I am revelling in it. And would have an eternity of minuses in preference to Geo's 40. I find it much, much easier to get warm than I do to get cool.

  4. Mmmm, lovely - send the ice up here!
    Wow, it's really been cold your way River! It's been the loveliest and coolest winter up here in the humid north I can remember.

  5. We have had the two coldest consecutive low temperatures since 1997. I too like cooler weather, but not quite this cool.

  6. Linda,; I'm whimpering in front of a heater right now. But not from the cold, it's 20C in my lounge right now. The whimpering is because my whole rib cage is aching. That'll teach me to dig holes and plant stuff!

    Geo; I'd get out and help push if it wasn't so cold out there. 40C is too much for me too, I prefer about 25-27C.

    Elephant's Child; perhaps I've met your brother at a checkout sometime. I don't think I'd like minuses in temps very much, I'm too cold now with our overnight lows. I'm happy enough with our midday sun and warmth, but start drawing blinds and curtains by 4pm to keep the cold out.

    Rose ~ from OZ; I remember Brisbane winters; from '73 to '75, we lived up there, the two oldest kids were born there and didn't wear shoes almost the whole time.

    Andrew; you're like me then, autumn and spring would be lovely all year round, right?

  7. Definitely the climate is changing. We've had a much cooler summer than usual with WAY more rainfall than usual. Another Ice Age?????....we'll be in more trouble than just trying to keep warm lol.

  8. .. I love Autumn the best....but this winter has been wonderful for me with the lovely clear days and a minimum of grey days..can't handle the grey days..but we do need more rain..
    I don't think we'll see an ice age ... but I do think the weather patterns are changing.
    Hope you feel better soon River and that your aches are rewarded with a beautiful garden...
    Hugs and Blessings...
    Barb xx

  9. Hi River,

    Come to England in January. That's all the preparation you need.

    You'll wonder why you were so shocked by 1.1 degree.




  10. ..."springtime and mid to late autumn" are my favourite seasons also. Especially glorious Autumn. We never felt it so obviously in West Aust, as the temperate seasons tend to blend into each other without much definition.
    Here, I love experiencing the wonderful autumn palette of the deciduous trees, definite frost and regular fog on the mountain.

    The problem with extremes in winter, is that we can often expect extremes in summer - something I am SO not looking forward to.

  11. I heard that there was snow in Adelaide the other day that's got to be a first, maybe it's colder because we are all getting older and feeling it more.

  12. That damn climate's changed back 126 years!

    Keep rugged up, River...the summer heat will be upon us sooner than we want. :)

  13. We in Perth are also experiencing much colder nights than we have for several years but today you would say it was spring with the temp reaching 25C and the same tomorrow.
    I always say I love the cold but Phil always said "You don't know what it is to feel cold" so I guess I would perhaps not want another ice age per se.
    I do know that being dressed in winter clothing today I am feeling quite hot so am dreading the coming of our hot summers.
    My ideal day would be a minimum of 10C and a maximum of up to 25C. I would then be content as long as there was ample rain as well. I'm not asking for much really. I wonder if there is somewhere in the world that would suit me?

  14. Delores; we always have hot summers, but we had warmish winters for about ten years, then last year we got a regular cold winter and no one was used to it anymore so we all suffered a bit, this year it's colder than last year in the early mornings, but the middays are still reasonably nice. The sun shines at least and we get to about 13C-15C.

    Barbara Neubeck; weather patterns are definitely changing. I've been wishing the world could have a more even distribution of sun and rain, so those in permanent dry areas could begin to grow their own foods etc, but I'm certainly not wishing Australia could get the ice and snow the northern hemisphere gets.

    Plasman; "come to England in January". ARE YOU CRAZY?? :)

    Vicki; glorious autumn, with warm days, cool nights perfect for sleeping; but you can keep your frost. I like cool, but not cold.

    Merle; I hadn't heard about any snow recently, perhaps it was up on Mt Lofty. We've had snow before up in the hills areas, very, very rarely on the flats. Getting older and feeling it more, you might be right about that. That must be why so many older people like to sit on porches in the sun.

    Lee; I'm rugged up alright, fluffy socks AND slippers and my dressing gown over everything else.

    Mimsie; you got 25C? How lovely after such cold nights. I agree with Phil that we don't know what real cold is, but after our summers, our winters feel too cold to us, even without snow and below zero temperatures.
    I've often wondered if there was an ideal place in the world for me, with temps ranging from 15C at night to 27C in the day, with sunny days and overnight rains. And no humidity.


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