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heard on the Strassman show:  if a man has an opinion and no woman is there to hear it, is he still wrong?

Harry Dresden:  She gave me a look of skepticism you can really only get from children who have recently gone through the sobering trauma of discovering there is no Santa Claus. (Ironically, there is, but he can't operate on the sort of scale that used to make everyone believe in him).

My cat has Angel hair. :D 
=so does my floor, my bed, my couch, my table....(*~*)=

I was standing outside yesterday evening watering my slightly wilted garden and gazing up into the plum trees. They're ornamental, so the plums are not supposed to be edible, but by golly, they are!
Anyway, I was looking at the plums and suddenly realised I was looking at dozens of ripe and ripening plums that the parrots hadn't got to! The trees have over produced like there's no tomorrow!
I chose a nice red soft one, rinsed it under the hose and bit in. Oh yum!
So as I watered, I kept eating plums. Too many as it turns out, with an unfortunate side effect a bit later. :(
I went out early this morning with a big bowl and picked plums until it was full.

My favourite leave-in hair conditioner and intensive treatment are no longer available in the shops, so I emailed the company and told them how disappointed I was, then asked them which of the new products would be the closest equivalent.
They replied the very next day!!
How's that for service?
Which company? Proctor &Gamble: Pantene shampoos and conditioners.

Emailed another company about Ajax Cream Cleanser which I have been unable to find. I'd bought Jif instead and don't like it because it makes me cough. They got back to me in three days, telling me that my local Foodland supermarket should have it. So I went there looking for it, and found it, and bought four bottles. I only use about two drips at a time (the stuff foams up really well on a damp sponge) so I probably have a lifetime supply.

Missy, my daughter's cat, is making good progress, hasn't scratched or bitten at her sores at all since the lovely vet saw her. He injected cortisone and antibiotics.
Here's the odd part: after determinedly living outside and refusing to be confined, held, patted for all of her 16+ years, Missy has decided she likes being inside. What's more, she prefers the cocooning safety of Angel's cat carrier. she has stayed in it since the vet saw her, only coming out to eat and drink, and to use the litter tray K has had to buy. Perhaps she is less stressed inside than out where the neighbourhood cats roam freely and try to get Missy's food. She eats inside and one particular cat (Angel's mum) will get in if she can and eat from Missy's bowls.


  1. Pantene seems to have been around forever. I am surprised it has been replaced. It is so annoying when products you use disappear.

  2. I use Pantene as well. Which one have they replaced? Love their quick response to you. Customer service isn't dead (quite).

  3. If a man has an opinion and no woman is there to hear it, is he still wrong? OF COURSE!!

  4. Our 13 year old cat is softening up, except for his refusal to use the box. He stays inside all winter, now, except yowling every morning around 6 am to go out.

  5. Nice to hear Missy is coming along well.

  6. An opinion is never wrong, it is only an opinion...unless there is a woman to hear it.

  7. Poor little Missy...I'm so glad she's on the mend and has discovered the comfort and sanctuary of inside. Give her a pat for me, too...and Angel as well. :)

    Opinions...it's a bit like that tree falling in forest...or what the bear does or doesn't do in the woods...even if he hasn't been eating too many plums! ;)

  8. So many thought and all so interesting.
    That if a man has an opinion thing reminds me of the old question "If a tree falls in a forest and no-one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" All very philosophical.
    Glad Missy is doing so well and nice she has decided to be an inside cat where I am sure she will be a lot safer as she recovers.
    Angel hair? Yes Precious hair was like that and we are still finding it months after she departed this life.
    Wonderful service from the two wholesales you mentioned. I find the two major supermarkets seem to drop certain lines in the hope we will buy their home brands which are not always to our liking. Well done on both counts.
    Hope your weekend is going well for you and Angel.

  9. Andrew; it is still Pantene, just more modern ingredients, organics and fancy-schmancy oils etc. The original and second generation stuff is being phased out

    Elephant's Child; the tall thin squeeze bottle of leave-in moisturiser; a creamy lotion that smooths and softens, there were several varieties to match the different shampoo range, "daily moisturising", "sleek and smooth" and so on. Also the "Intensive hair masque" which came in a tub, a very thick conditioner which is left on after shampooing for several minutes, then rinsed off. My hair loves it and now has to make do with a substitute.

    fishducky; depends on the opinion I'd say. If he's of the opinion that all women are always right, then he can't possibly be wrong, can he?

    Joanne; I'm wondering if Missy is softening up because I've been making the effort a couple of times a week when I go there and because we're getting help for her. Her age would have something to do with it as well.

    Delores; there's a bit of sheen coming back to her coat already.

    joeh; you're right.

    Lee; it will be good to see Missy's hair growing back and the sores disappear. I'll pat her when she lets me, surprisingly, she allows it while she's eating. The plums are a learning curve, how many can I eat per day without consequences?

    Mimsie; I'm glad about Missy too, inside is so much safer. The litter trays are a nuisance, but necessary. The Angel hair is everywhere even when I think I've vacuumed thoroughly.
    This wasn't a case of supermarkets dropping brands, this is the manufacturer upgrading their product to more modern ideals, organic this and argan oil that. Quite annoying as my hair doesn't do well with organics and oils.

  10. I'm trying to remember if Costco stock Pantene, because they often buy bulk batches of products which are "discontinued" and I suspect I saw some Pantene there in Canberra on my last trip. I had a couple of travel sized new Pantene which I took to Canberra, and I got that from pinchme which is a free samples thing, that is where I might be confused . I ought to write about that on my blog as well.

    I have two things to say about this post - one is, my thought for you re trying to find more of the Pantene you liked - can you catch the bus into Adelaide and do a bit of a supermarket cruise? I know there is a big Coles over at Central Markets and they may have a larger range and possibly some of the older stock over there, plus that big Woolies in the mall. But also too, I have often found Pantene products at places like the reject shop, where they buy it in usually from Asia at much cheaper prices, and they often have older products when they do that. Chemists sometimes stock Pantene, as well.

    I know from experience that old formula Pantene works very well with Adelaide hair - it is actually because of the hardness of the water over there.

    The second thing is, I try to write positive letters or emails to companies fairly regularly and I wonder if maybe this is something which could work as a linkup, maybe once a month or so. I'll ruminate some on that. The Inlinkz thing I use for the Shoe Sundays is pretty simple to use, and I can leave them open forever, so maybe I'll do one next week and see if people want to link up with their positive company feedback, and whether or not they get a response as well. :)

    I often try out things because someone else spoke about having a positive experience with a company on their blog. :)

  11. Snoskred; I go into Adelaide city quite often and I've checked Cheap as Chips, they have Pantene, but not the one I like. I hadn't thought about the Coles by the market. I'll go there Monday and check. Rundle Mall Woolworths doesn't have old stock only the new Pantene range, same with the big new city Coles store.

  12. I checked our local chemist today, only the new stuff. :( Sometimes they do this changeover so fast because all the old products get shipped back for a refund or swapped for new stock and then they sell them off to places like Cheap as Chips, etc. ;)

  13. The answer to your post's first question is, of course, yes!! The easiest way to deal with product changes for me is to just become a disloyal customer and try out a new product every time the old one runs out. If they want a loyal customer, then don't keep messing with the products - they can't have it both ways!


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