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Wednesday's Words on a Friday


the powerful "Low" which has caused this is heading East...

apparently we're not out of the woods just yet

The storm here in SA continues, with destructive gale force winds and rain increasing overnight, abnormally high tides; bridges over rivers have been closed to traffic. 
The mid north has been hit hard with floodings etc, residents of Port Pirie have been advised to evacuate, but I think that may be for people close to the water. My sister lives way out near the edge of town there, out in the dry as dust section, so maybe she won't have to go anywhere. J is a mentally challenged person, with no telephone (they scare her), so I can only hope the social workers there are looking after them the way they did a couple of years ago (or was it just last year) when the gas pipes were broken and no one had hot water or any way to cook foods if they didn't have electric stoves.

Word is there have been 80,000 lightning strikes, food supplies are running low as trucks cannot get through, many petrol stations have been closed...

Thank goodness the power is back for many of us.
For now. For me,…


Jamie Oliver classic Cumberland Sausages are very delicious.

This is from a girl who doesn't often eat sausages, so you know they must be good if I'm tasting one and going YUM!

But they do pop and spit a lot while cooking, you might want to wear a hazmat suit to protect yourself.

Ingredients include  cracked black pepper, so expect a bit of heat on your tongue, and sage.

At Woolworths, $8.50 for a pack of 5 sausages.

It's thundering here and lights have flickered several times.

Whimsical Wednesday # 246

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

Sudden thunder showers on Earth are really caused by Angels with Super-Soakers in Heaven.

Musical Monday # 119


don't miss me too much....

I'm going away for a few days, well, just two if I add up the hours, from mid Friday to late Sunday afternoon.

I'll be keeping an eye on two grandkids while the parents have a weekend to themselves. I can't really call it babysitting, there aren't any babies involved, the kids are 12 and 16. 
All that's required is an adult presence in case of emergency and to make sure they eat and brush their teeth. 
I'm assured they will probably spend the whole time with their computers, so I don't need to worry about backyard cricket games or footy at the park. 
My back will be grateful.
I'll take my kindle, but I'll be leaving the laptop at home, so when I don't comment anywhere, don't be worried. I'll catch up when I get home.

I agreed to all of this, hung up the phone, THEN remembered Angel. D'Oh!

He'll miss me for sure. I've arranged for someone to come in and feed him, but I've never left him alone for more than eight or ten hours. I&#…

Sunday Selections # 295


picture a little old lady hunched over a walking stick and shuffling along

Remember last Tuesday when I had all the energy and got everything done and even the weather was great?

Boy am I paying for it now. I knew this would happen, it always does, but it's no less annoying for the knowing. 
I don't have the walking stick, it's hanging up in the corner, but I am bent and shuffling, unable to straighten up properly.
I'll be upright again eventually, until that happens, the hot water bottle is a soothing comfort. And I'm very glad the shops are only a few minutes walk (hobble) away and there are places to sit and rest when I get there.

Wednesday's Words on a Friday