gosh! has it really been ten years already?

My, my, doesn't time fly...

Yesterday at work, a surprise lunch was held to congratulate several people who had been working for the company for quite some time.

S had been there for 20 years, T for 15 years, and E (that would be me) for 10 years. 
Ten years!

Not bad for someone who only signed on as a Christmas Casual. 
I'd job searched for almost three years already and got nowhere.

I hadn't planned on staying that long, but you know, when you apply for job after job and nobody wants you, well then you stay where you are because rent must be paid, food must be bought etc.
And about six-seven years ago I gave up applying for other jobs. 

I'd gotten used to the work, the arthritis hadn't yet shown its ugly face, and I was actually enjoying the work.

So there we were, up in the lunch room, with really nice food laid out for us, with the boss making little speeches and presenting us with flowers, chocolates, and a framed certificate congratulating us on reaching a career milestone.
The flowers were bunches of rosebuds and oriental lily buds, so I immediately gave mine away, because I couldn't possibly take them home. As soon as those lilies open, I'm highly allergic.

The chocolates? 
Diet, schmiet! 
I ate them.


  1. I guess that's why there's no photo of them then ...

  2. Red Nomad; that's right. I did take photos of the certificate and chocolates, but couldn't be bothered uploading them. My internet connection wouldn't let me on for hours and hours, so I put up the post really quickly without even getting the camera out of my bag.

  3. Congratulations on ten years consecutive employment with the same company.
    I would have done the same thing with the flowers AND the chocolates lol.

  4. Time flies when you're having fun. I said the very same thing that i wasn't staying too long. 36 years and 6 months later i retired from the same company, but not the same job.

  5. Well done you. I started my fill in job 33 years ago and I am still there.

  6. Congrats, and feck the diet, you only live once, unless you believe in reincarnation, and then you can diet next time lol.

  7. Delores; I don't think I've ever given away chocolates in my life. It's a physical impossibility for me.

    Windsmoke; 36 years and six months? YEARS?? holy smokes! I don't plan on staying there that long.

    Andrew; another one still in a fill-in job. 33 years is a great effort, which I will not be matching.

    The Wicked Writer; you're right! I can diet next time around. Pass the icecream.

  8. Windsmoke's effort is quite impressive.

  9. Quite a milestone, congratulations River. I haven't stayed in a job for that long since 1995 and not for lack of trying, it's true, once you reach a certain age, you seem to have limited access to decent jobs. Rather depressing actually.

  10. Congrats on the 10 years stint. Well done. Nice for the boss to recognise loyalty. The flowers? I'd have taken them home as don't think they cause hay fever in me. The chocolates? They too would have been eaten even though I am diabetic! I'd perhaps have shared with MOH..perhaps!

  11. Andrew; your own effort is equally impressive.

    Baino; age is certainly a barrier, along with having to rely on public transport and limited education.

    Mimsie; it was a nice surprise. If the flowers had been just roses I would have brought them home.


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