Whimsical Wednesday #48

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The weekly googled image that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

Does your lunch look like this?


  1. That's a face only his/her mother could love!.

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  3. Hi. That skull is the communist scare of the Fifties.

    Meanwhile SNIVELLING ATHEISTS, stop-smoking wowsers, queer politicians and LESBIAN FEMINISTS multiply like MAGGOTS. Good heavens. What can you do? Light up a smoke and laugh in private.

  4. I am not certain that lunch would sit comfortably. Another wonderful image though - thank you.

  5. Windsmoke; I think he's kind of cute.

    Delores; yes, it is.

    R.H. What?

    Elephant's Child; I reckon it would sit quite comfortably, it's mostly rice after all. Just in an interesting shape.

  6. Too much rice and not enough protein to balance the meal perhaps? Our chilli con carne and rice never looks like that (fortunately).
    What an imagination you have to be sure!!!

  7. Mimsie; perhaps the eyes are little bits of beef, that would be enough protein for lunchtime. I wish it was my imagination that created this, but sadly, it isn't.

  8. No and I wouldn't want to eat it if it did!

  9. I said, when you come here I'm taking you on a little boat up the Yarra. At Southbank I'll buy you a double-headed ice cream.

    Yorick II.

  10. Kath Lockett; really? You don't like sushi?

    R.H mmm ice-cream.


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