Weight Watchers Microwave Pizza

Let's begin with the box.

Doesn't that look scrumptious?
Shall we look at what's inside the box?

How about this then?  It's frozen, but ignore that.
Does it still look scrumptious? Yes? No?

Here it is again, but now it's been microwaved, so it does look a bit nicer.
The instructions say to heat it on paper towel, so I did.
While it was still hot, I sliced it in half with my big chopper and lifted it onto my plate.

There was some sogginess, erk!

Tastewise, it wasn't too bad, the topping that is, but the base was very cardboardy.  And tasteless.
Definitely on my "no" list.
I'll stick with the higher calorie but much tastier Dr Oetker


  1. Frozen pre prepared food usually leaves me, um, cold.

  2. I much prefer to cook pizza, pies, pasties etc in the oven because they taste better and no sogginess.

  3. Not surprised it's called 'Weight Watchers' Out of the box and even micro'd, it looks very resistable.

  4. The reality never looks as good as the food photo. Think I'll pass on that one. thanks

  5. Oh my. What a difference between the photo and the actual item

    Shame shame shame

  6. I think they could be sued for false advertising there. The finished product didn't come within 'a bull's roar' of the picture on the box.

  7. I don't think Weight Watchers actually counts as 'pizza'!! Maybe the WW secret strategy is to make the food so unappetising you don't eat ANYTHING?!?!

  8. 'Diet' is code for 'tasteless' It sure doesn't look tasty.

  9. Delores; perhaps if you heated the frozen foods?? Just kidding, I know what you mean.

    Windsmoke; I do too, but this was such a tiny pizza, literally, so I didn't want to heat up the oven, I'm trying to cut my electricity bill.

    R.H. when it comes to pizza choices, I agree. but I still want to shift the ten kilos.

    Molly; I've learned to avoid several of the weight watchers varieties now.

    Leenie; I won't be buying it again.

    peskypixies; it's often the way. They make one perfect product for the photo shoot, then they just slap together the ingredients for the actual mass production.

    Elephant's Child; going by that reasoning, we could probably sue a few hundred companies for false advertising. We could be rich!

    Red Nomad; you may have hit the nail squarely on the head there.

    Tempo; I'm learning that pretty quickly. A couple or three of the varieties aren't too bad with the addition of a fresh green vegetable though.

  10. Not a fan of weight watchers anyway, they're a little tasteless for my liking. Wishing you well with it.

  11. The Wicked Writer; I won't be eating these on a permanent basis, for sure. It's just a few weeks to try and lose that stubborn ten kilos. I need to lessen the weight to take some strain off my hip and knee joints, where I have arthritis.

  12. It's rare that something looks like its advertisement!


  13. Wonder what the picture on the box was of as it most certainly wasn't of the pizza you heated up. I can see why it is on your "no" list. Yuk!!

  14. O' Maid River
    Those kilos of flab
    Do substance give her
    With plenty to grab.


  15. Oh River, the 'real' product made me laugh like a hyena! Stick with Dr Oetker - life's for living, after all :)

  16. oh my goodness, that just put me off my lunch!

  17. Maybe you should grill it, will be less soggy.

  18. Pearl; very rare, although the picture on the Dr Oetker pizza boxes are pretty damn close to the reality.

    Mimsie; the box image would have been a handmade pizza, the mass produced stuff is machine manufactured, with pizza bases sliding under various machines that slop on the toppings I would imagine.

    Lord Rochester; substance aplenty here.

    Kath Lockett; definitely sticking with Dr Oetker, plus a few extra toppings of my own.

    Fenstar de Luxe; oh, I'm sorry. have an apple.

    drb; the grill takes way too long to heat up for such a small thing. I'll use the oven for a real pizza instead.

  19. The quickest pizza ever (yes you do need the regular oven) is to use a plain wrap, load on tomatoes (or my f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c home made tomato sauce) , slice up some ham and onions, rip open a bag of shredded mozzarella and there you have it! Healthier, cheaper and sooooo much better!

    Im not even gonna get started with what I think about weight watchers and their ugly business..

  20. A Swedish Smorgasbord; welcome to drifting. I'm definitely going back to my regular tasty pizza.


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