just imagine for a moment.....

I was sort of watching TV the other night, (day?) but the program I'd planned on watching wasn't on, because the powers that be had decided to screw around with everyone's planned viewing. 


As I sat on the couch idly changing channels, searching for something worth looking at, I heard this>>>

"...as you are all aware, one of our deposits has been stolen.
A relatively small amount,
$68 million dollars."

I watched a little more of that movie, but couldn't really get into it, probably because I'd missed the beginning so had no idea of the story line.
Something about drug trafficking and money laundering maybe.
Big business.

Big illegal business.

I could have picked it up easily enough by watching more, but I couldn't stop thinking about
$68 million dollars being a "relatively small amount". 

Heck, if I've got $68 dollars to spare, I feel like I'm doing okay, but $68 million? 

What kind of fortunes were they talking about when $68 million is a small amount?
The mind boggles. 

Imagine for a moment a life where $68 million is pocket change.

Mmmm, dreams.....


  1. I can't get my head around that much money....it's actually frightening.

  2. Delores; it is a little frightening, but imagine the good you could do. Charities would benefit, family and friends too, from the present until way into the future. Because of course we would share the wealth.

  3. Mmm! Dreams ... but I agree with Delores $68mil is too much to get my head around. Think of the lives that could make a difference to.

  4. Dianne; it is an awful lot of moolah, but like I said to Delores, imagine the number of people and charities you could help. I love dreaming on a grand scale.

  5. I wouldn't even need that, just a couple of Thou, maybe one mill, just to tide us over, we're not greedy, but yes, think of all the good you could do with it.

  6. The Wicked Writer; I am greedy when it comes to money and chocolate. But I'd settle for a couple of million. Enough to build my dream home and get my kids and their families set up for the future.

    R.H. I wouldn't bother with a car.


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