quick update on the photo situation, no Sunday Selections tomorrow

I've been to my Picasa web albums site and there is one of those sliding arrow type things that reduces the size of the images. So I did that with all of them, but it hasn't helped at all with being able to upload from my files to the blog.

I discovered that the "Paint" program on my computer also has an option for reducing my photos by pixel size, reducing a ---MB sized photo to a ---KB sized photo.

So I have spent a couple of hours working on reducing any photos I might want to use on the blog, but again, that isn't going to help with being able to upload, because Picasa is insisting my free 1GB allowance is 100% used and I need to buy more storage.

I downloaded a free photoshop program, but I may not use it much since discovering the "Paint" option. I only wanted it to resize photos anyway, I don't do any other fancy alterations.  I might learn how to make collages though, that could be interesting, and possibly calendars.

Enough rambling, let's get to the point. 

There will be no Sunday Selections tomorrow while I continue working on reducing all my stored photos, (thousands of them!), that's going to be an all day (week?) job.
I'll also be outside dead-heading the roses.

I'll spend the rest of the week deciding whether or not to buy extra storage space.
Without it, there can be no more photos on the blog.
Can I do posts that aren't photo based?
Probably not. I suck at writing.

Decisions, decisions, decisions....


  1. You SO do NOT suck at writing ... but if you want a compromise (yes, I am an 'each-way-bet' kinda gal), maybe have just one standout photo? Or two??

    My other advice - DON'T downsize all your pix. I do it for the ones I'm going to use, then save them separately before uploading them onto the blog. If you are going to do calendars etc, the smaller size doesn't often work.

    Another option for your pix is to find out whether your internet access comes with a free website - you can upload pix to that and link them from there (sorry, don't really know how this works but K might?).

  2. You DO NOT suck at writing..so there. However, the storage cost for photos isn't all that much...

  3. My heart is with you and your frustration. I've been "there" many, many times trying to learn this techno-monster that eats old people (like me) alive.

    I've always told you how much I appreciate reading your writing and I hope I'm back from hiatus so I can read more of it.

    My love to you, Manzanita

  4. open your folder and view the collectionof images in it,
    choose and click once to highlight the one you want

    Go to File, click onec for dropdown list,
    Choose 'Open With' dropdown list

    Double click on 'Microsoft Office 2010'

    on Toolbar above Click 'Picture'
    and from the dropdown list choose


    right-hand column will appear with % options. good luck

  5. You don't suck at writing! Oh dear, what a hassle with your photos. I know a bit about photos (from my Pre-press graphic design course) so I hope you don't mind if I have some input? It may be too late to say not to reduce the file size of the photos you store on your computer because if you ever want to print some (or all) you will lose quality and not be able to enlarge them again without pixelation. Reducing the file size in Picasa or the likes is fine as long as you keep originals on your hard drive.

    Web-based images only ever need to be 72dpi (resolution) and in RGB colour mode compared to Print media images which need to be at least 300dpi and in CMYK colour mode.

    They also say it's best to save print media files as Tiffs as this is a loseless file format compared to Jpeg which is lossy, i.e. in order to compress files to make the size smaller it throws away image data that can never be recovered. It is usually hard to detect with the naked eye but it can degrade the image quality. However, Tiff files are huge and so most people just save and even print Jpegs.

    The thing is that I thought Picasa and other file storage would automatically reduce the size of your images as you upload them. I'm pretty sure Flickr does this. However, I go to great lengths (also due to having online shops) - when I download images from my camera. I keep originals and also create copies in 72dpi RGB format to use onine. This way I know I have good quality originals if I want to print but am not slowing down page load time by having huge images on my website, blog or other. If I know I am only ever going to use the images online I just go straight to 'save' instead of 'save as' once I've resized and changed colour mode (though most images will automatically be in RGB mode from your camera).

    I hope this makes sense and may help with file storage in the future??? But I guess ultimately when your allowance is up it's up and you may need to consider upgrading which you will need to pay for.

  6. R.H. thank you. The problem is finding or thinking of things to write about. inspiration is what I'm lacking.

    Red Nomad OZ; even one or two photos would be great, but the program isn't letting me upload even one. :(
    I was planning to only downsize potential blog photos, and with my "Paint" program I have the option of keeping the original size as well. I'd love to learn to do a calendar, I have in mind one with a different childhood image from when we were all very young as a gift for my older sister.

    Delores; the actual writing is fine, it's the inspiration that just isn't there a lot. The storage cost is cheap.....but that would mean one more site with my card details, trying to avoid that.

    Manzanita; thank you and welcome back. The thing that bugs me is I didn't know there was a limit on free storage size. If I'd known that from the beginning I might have done things differently. Smaller pics and less of them at least.

    Ann O'Dyne; thanks, I've written down those instructions to try.

    gaby@727m2; thanks. that makes a lot of sense when I read it slowly since I know next to nothing (oh heck, nothing!) about graphic design and dpi? what is that exactly? I read about it all the time and never have a clue, but from your comment I'm thinking dpi is digital pixels per inch? (I think I'm learning something....) I understand RGB is red, green, blue and CMYK is cyan, magenta, yellow, something.
    I planned on only reducing the size of images I might want to use on the blog. Everything else I have stored will stay in its original size. Especially my family tree photos. They're too precious to muck around with. And as I mentioned above to Red Nomad, reducing through my Paint program gives me the option of keeping the original image as well. I've always saved everything as JPegs and printed in 4"x6" size.

  7. Inspiration? What's that?

    Total rubbish. I want a chat.

    I want the everyday: bus rides, lunch room at Coles. And plain English. I know you, you're interesting, personality comes through, even in a recipe.

  8. R.H. I think the lunch room at Coles may be off limits, depending on what the table discussion is. We actually each have a booklet stating what we can and can't put out on the internet. Most discussions that aren't work related are about sports, or those "reality" TV shows, so I don't listen.

  9. Pardon me. I can see why you went through two husbands: your determination to disagree is awesome.

    I stand by what I've said, the ordinary is fascinating; gossip makes the world go round.


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