It's time to get serious....

....about the ten kilos hanging around my middle.

I haven't tried very hard with the dieting.
I like to eat. 
True, I'm eating smaller portions, but they're probably still high in calories and I've been cheating and eating dessert too often. 

So I've bought these--->

and some of these too --->

They're not mashed potatoes (milk and real butter) and gravy (made from pan juices), they're not spaghetti with a ton of grated fresh parmesan, and they're most certainly not butterscotch pudding.

Here's what they are ---

97% fat free

calorie controlled

rich in protein

I've eaten the Lean Cuisine brand before, so I knew which ones I liked and bought those.

But I've never tried the Weight Watchers brand, so I chose what looked like it might taste good and made a chart to tick yes or no as I tried them.

So far, I've had four.
Three that I would buy again, one that I most definitely would not.
With the addition of an extra green vegetable such as broccoli, the meals aren't too bad.
And because I haven't cooked, there are no leftovers for me to have second helpings.
Second helpings are a big part of my problem.  
I like to eat. 

Even though they cost more than buying fresh foods, I am saving electricity (and time) by not cooking, a few minutes in the microwave is a lot cheaper than turning on the oven or hotplates, plus they come in their own little plastic (plastic, I know, I know, not good for the environment) bowls, so I just rinse well and put them in the recycle bin. See, I'm not just throwing them in landfill.
No washing up.
So a higher cost now, will see a lower electricity bill later.
I hope. 

I'm going to stick with this until Christmas, with an occasional "real" meal, something that I've cooked myself, probably once a month.
Hopefully, I'll be saying bye-bye to those ten kilos. 

I've purposely not bought any butterscotch puddings!


  1. Those prepared meals make a nice light snack lol. Good luck with the dieting.

  2. Hi River,

    Good luck - but you will be hungry (I speak from experience).




  3. Maid River
    Forest nymph
    Of mine.

    Thy weight
    Nicely covers
    What's ten kilos
    Between lovers?


  4. Bless that old romantic Rochester.

    I've tried them but reading every label to see what's in the food drives me crazy and I'm with Plasman, you'll get hungry and crazy.

  5. Delores; they're certainly smaller portions than I've been giving myself, but I'm telling myself they're a complete meal.

    Plasman; I'm noticing that I'm waking up hungry in the mornings, but all day I don't feel hungry while I'm working. After my shift, while I'm waiting for the bus, then I feel hungry, so I'm having dinner earlier than I would usually, but no dessert, no snacks. Maybe an apple before bed.
    I think I can do this.

    Lord Rochester; ten kilos is what will keep me uncomfortably warm this coming summer if I don't lose it. I'm the one person who complains about feeling too hot at work in the winter when everyone else is wearing jackets and I'm working in just my short sleeved shirt.

    JahTeh; I'm ignoring the labels and focussing on the 97% fat free and small portion sizes. I figure I can't come to much harm in only 8 weeks and if I lose the ten kilos, well and good. I'm seeing this as a way for my stomach to learn what an acceptable portion size is.

  6. I wish I only had ten kilos that should be left on the bus. And yes, portion size is a big issue for me. I have been starting to get things under control. More exercise always helps me.
    And - good luck.

  7. Speaking of that 10kg around the middle I asked my physio yesterday as she worked on my neck "Are there any exercises that will get rid of the bulge around the middle?" "Yes, she said either jogging or going for a walk around the block". Both MOH and I have put on weight in that area after beginning to use insulin, he more than me but I had too much to begin with anyway. One hint re LOW FAT meals. Always look for sugar content. It comes in all shapes and forms and has different names. Quite often as taste is lacking because of less fat, sugar is added to prevent the food tasting too bland. I sincerely wish you well and hope that what you are doing will really work for you. I am fortunate in being someone who doesn't crave food nor do I overeat very much. I am still far too large though.

  8. Best of luck River. I like - no, LOVE - to eat too and my helpings are indistinguishable from Love Chunks'. NOT good when my achilles is seriously busted and the treadmill is only used to hang wet towels on .... but will these Weight Watchers meals get you down after a week or so?

  9. I don't like it when people don't encourage but instead discourage! YES you will be hungry as you begin cutting back on your portions but as the days go by you will be less and less hungry because your stomach shrinks (now there is me speaking from experience).

  10. Elephant's Child; if only it was as easy as leaving it on the bus! I'm beginning to notice a difference, I don't seem to want dessert anymore. And my mind keeps thinking of lettuce.

    Mimsie; exercise is something I'm lacking. Well, extra exercise. I do a fair bit of weight lifting (groceries at the checkout)and I thought that might be enough, but sadly, it isn't. And by the time I get home after two bus rides, I just don't want to move. Especially in the heat.

    Kath Lockett; my portions got out of control when L insisted that I eat what he called "decent" amounts to keep my strength up because I was working, so I'd fill my plate as I filled will take a while for my stomach to appreciate the smaller serves again. If the Weight Watchers seem unappetising now and again, I can do something else quick and easy like my soy/ginger tuna recipe, with less rice to make it a smaller meal, or there's scrambled eggs, or salad. I think I'm going to do okay, already the idea of dessert doesn't appeal to me anymore.

    Jennifer Kay; I expected the hunger and was prepared to talk myself into waiting at least twenty minutes to see if it was true hunger or just my mouth wanting the taste and texture. Surprisingly, I have only felt hunger first thing in the mornings.

  11. Good on you! Try chewing each mouthful 32 times before swallowing. Saw it on TV, and it worked.

  12. Wishing you well with this, question though, do you eat bread and spuds...I ask because for me I find when I cut these out of my diet or cut down on them, I loose inches like no body's business, but when I eat them...I bloat like crazy.


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