well, this is disappointing

Since I stopped posting with photos, my commenter numbers have dropped quite a bit.

I never had a huge number of people commenting, but I did have a loyal few.
And I treasured all of you. 

Only two of you are still here.
Hello Delores, and Joanne.

I know some commenters are still scared off by thoughts of a malaware site infecting their computers, so I don't expect them back anytime soon.

Perhaps after they have run their own anti virus programs?
I've had an inkling that those who are getting warnings are working via Google Chrome.
If you are not with Google Chrome, please drop in and let me know if you are getting warnings or not.

But my regular crowd who haven't been having any trouble visiting here?

Where are you all?

It's getting kind of lonely over here.


  1. Still here. I wasn't aware I had not commented for a while, but maybe I haven't.

  2. Andrew; thanks for popping in.

  3. Oh my dear, I never meant to cause you fear, I was simply off doing things that didn't include blogging...I use chrome, and get NO warnings, things go along swimmingly, hope your fans come back soon, love and hugs.

  4. Hi. I'm not commenting anywhere right now, penning the biography of a friend of mine; a psychotic man.
    I am not psychotic and can prove it. What I am is a diarist: a Boswell.

    I'll continue looking at blogs here and there, especially yours, it's so charming. Really.

    When you come here I'm taking you dancing, I can't dance but I'll find you a partner.

    You busy thing. Funny. So interesting.

  5. I'm still here. Just busily flying around to interesting places repeating the same tired sentences to a disbelieving public.
    Which leads me to think that I have nothing of real interest to add.
    Keep on keeping on Girl.

  6. I'm here but if you change your pop-up comments box, it will finish me.

  7. Some people you just can't get rid of lol. It's annoyng when blogger and virus's combine to ruin the blogging experience. I'm sure it will settle down eventually.

  8. I'm still here and reading your posts, didn't realise i hadn't made a comment for a while. I've had no warnings at all about your blog as my internet security would have warned me if it was dodgy.

  9. I'm here, I'm here. And there was no virus warning today. Halelujah! No more clicking on the Don't go Here button. Maybe it was the warning.

  10. I'm here and certainly not afraid of any virus! :)

    I've never used Google Chrome, but Mozilla Firefox instead. I'm not sure if that matters.

  11. Oh River, I am sorry I haven't been commenting anywhere. A quick trawl through your posts tells me that blogger has been telling you that should spend money to post photos. Hiss and spit. They did the same to me.

  12. Hi River,

    I'm here too. I tried to leave a comment last night - but failed for some crazy reason.

    Let's hope this one worked, eh?




  13. I am not receiving any warning but am currently using Firefox as Chrome tells me my Mac needs upgrading. I am not a very talented blogger so perhaps I don't have problems the same as other more experienced people do.
    I often pop in to visit and in future will let you know....just that I've been here. lol

  14. The Wicked Writer; fear? no, just a little worry that something is stopping all of you. Good to hear you're not getting any warnings.

    R.H. I can't dance either, I have two left feet and no rhythm. A diarist eh?

    Heptaparaparshinokh; welcome back. Interesting places? You'll have to write about them.

    JahTeh; there's no chance at all of me changing the pop-up box, it seems to work so well.

    Delores; I hope it settles down. There's nothing more annoying than pop up warnings when you know there is no problem.

    Joanne Noragon; no warning today? Hooray! Maybe the warning was the virus and it's burned itself out or moved on.

    Jennifer Kay; I'm glad you're here too. I'm with Firefox and like it better than any other I've tried. I had Chrome for about a week and gave up on it as impossible.

    Elephant's Child; I know you have been very busy. I think I will give in and spend the money at Picasa.

    Plasman; I have the same trouble sometimes with leaving comments. Usually I find later that they've stalled because my computer has updates coming in.

    Mimsie; I've had Firefox for a long time now, in my opinion it's the best. I tried Chrome but had so many troubles with it I just gave up on it.

  15. Hey River

    I was 'off' all during November because of NaNoWriMo - today's the first time I've been in blogland for thirty days!

  16. Am i not worthy of a reply?, disappointing, very disappointing indeed.

  17. Blogs with photos do get more interest, more comments.

  18. Kath Lockett; and here I thought you were busy jet-setting all over Europe.

    Windsmoke; How did I miss you? I'm so sorry! I'm glad to know you're still here and not getting those pesky warnings.

    R.H. I've noticed that.


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