this may mean the end of my Sunday Selections

I began working on my Sunday Selections post for this week and when it came time to upload a photo (or eight) I was informed that I had used 100% of my 1GB free photo storage space with Picasa and I would have to upgrade my storage, with a choice of 25GB or more at a monthly cost to be paid by credit card.
In the meantime, I cannot upload any more photos to my blog.  Phooey!!
I emailed my friend Kim, who is the originator of Sunday Selections, and she has suggested that I resize my photos. I have no idea how to do this of course.

I went to the Picasa site and deleted a few of the photos they have there, because there were multiple copies of the same photo.
I thought of deleting some of the others, but got a message saying they would also disappear from the blog and I don't want that happening. 
I think I discovered there an option to resize them too, so I'll spend some time there tomorrow and resize as much as I can before my bum goes to sleep from sitting so long and perhaps that will free up some space.

The thing is, the only photos there are ones I have already used in previous posts.
What I need to know is how to resize the photos I have stored on my computer in the pictures section of the documents page. This is where I select my photos for my posts.

Can I upload unused photos to Picasa and resize them? Then select from there for my posts?
That seems like a lot of extra work, I have so many photos. So Many Photos. 

So one option is to upgrade the storage space and pay for it.
Another option is learn how to resize photos I have stored in my files.

The third option is to discontinue posting photos altogether, which would mean the end of Sunday Selections and probably the end of the blog, since most of my posts are photo based.

Any suggestions?  Help? Please?


  1. Get a flickr or photobucket account?

  2. Ask Androo.

    Although he probably just shells out the dough; old poofs are always loaded.

  3. Like Fenstar said...I've got a Flickr account and it's great but the same thing happens, you fill it up eventually and end up having to pay or get another...

  4. Fenstar de Luxe; paying is what I'm trying to avoid.

    R.H. hopefully Androo will see this and offer suggestions that don't involve paying.

    Tempo; I'm thinking of downloading a free photoshop program, but which do I choose out of the many available? How do I know a good one from a not-so-good one? Trial and error I suppose.

  5. River. I will send you an email about the matter as I don't want too many people doing the same thing and maybe that choice will be stopped.

  6. I use photoscape to resize, but can I ask you, when you upload your pics to the computer, the program you use, does it not have an option to resize? wishing you well with it, as I love looking at your pics.

  7. Andrew; thank you. I'll look for it tomorrow.

    The Wicked Writer; I upload from the camera straight to the computer files where they are automatically put into a folder. That's it. No photoshopping options at all. Nothing is ever changed, the photos are just as I take them.

  8. I got that message a year or so ago and now for about $20 a year I have practically unlimited storage and I don't have to think about it. I can make my pictures as large as I want.

  9. I keep photos on my computer then store them on CD every month after nearly losing the lot when the 'puter got fried by lightning.

  10. Delores; they offered 25GB for $2.49usd per month, that's close to $30 a year, not sure about the conversion to Aus $. I'm searching for a free photoshop program.

    JahTeh; I have a 320GB external hard drive where I back up everything fairly regularly. It's about time to do that again. I've thought about putting photos on CD, just haven't got around to it yet.

  11. Mum, I use photoscape to resize pictures for tumblr and also to make gifs and add text. It's a free program and dead easy to use, but if you need me to show you I will. Let me know.

  12. no-one; I've downloaded photoscape, but would appreciate help in learning to use it. I still think I won't be able to upload photos (see next post) without buying extra storage space at Picasa. I've discovered I can resize through Paint.

  13. no-one; not the next post, the latest post. I forgot I had another one up.

  14. Flickr is free for the first 200 photos. Photobucket is completely free. I have 4 photobucket accounts and there is no filling those up at all. Best of all it's simple to use.

  15. Fenstar de Luxe; Picasa has just over 2000 of my photos. They all just went there automatically from the blog, no choice made by me.


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