it tasted a little...funny

Last night's dinner was crab quiche that I had made on Sunday,  and salad.

I'd bought the lettuce and tomatoes and other stuff on the way home from work, so I knew they were all fresh.

Well as fresh as they could be after sitting in a supermarket for who-knows-how-long.

The crab quiche was yummy, but the salad,  seemed a little.......not quite off......but funny tasting.

So I checked the expiry date on my bottle of salad dressing.

Time to buy a new bottle.

Now, I've been using this same bottle of dressing for as long as it's been in my fridge.
I've not been ill from it and the food has been alright.
Until yesterday. 
Just another example of how foods do not necessarily have to be tossed the minute they "expire".
Although I did keep this a little too long.


  1. Just a `snick`over the date lol.

  2. Don't get compulsive about checking stuff, though. Wait till it goes off. If you're going to check, go the opposite way--make sure the remaining shelf life is pretty darn long before putting your money on the counter.

  3. Crab quiche? In the Housing Commission?

    What next, a butler?

    Good heavens!- this is social welfare gone mad!

  4. Mmmmm... maybe dinner not at your house if we ever get together... :)

  5. Delores; yeah, thirteen months isn't too long over is it? Ha ha.

    Joanne Noragon; I've never been too compulsive about checking stuff. Right now I'm using out of date milk in my coffee and it's fine. Out of date bread is used for toast, dry things like cereal or canned goods are still good for a long time after the use by date. I'm careful with eggs though. If they're past the use by date I'll crack them individually into a cup to make sure they're okay before adding them to anything.

    R.H. tinned shredded crabmeat, a tiny wedge of cheese, two eggs, not all that expensive and I certainly don't eat it very often. All of the ingredients except the crabmeat are staples in my kitchen anyway. It does sound posh though, doesn't it?

    Happy Elf Mom; I promise to buy all fresh ingredients if you ever rock up for dinner.

  6. Never trust packaging. My husband likes to buy the 'no need to wash, ready to eat' salads from Woolworths.

    I was ready to pop one into the salad bowl when I noticed a big fat dead moth in the packet. Yum, yum.

    I now wash everything.

    PS I always forget to toss out stuff by the use by date. I take it as a 'suggestion'. :)

  7. Alex aka WHOA MUMMA! I always wash the prepackaged salad stuff and I agree the use by dates are more a suggestion than a rule. After all, our grandmothers didn't have use by dates on things and we all survived just fine.

  8. If you take note though it says BEST before and not USE Before and I believe that makes a big difference. Well, from what I've heard anyway. I do try and renew goods that are past there Best Before dates (if I remember lol).


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