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Here's a passage from the book I'm currently reading.

GM:  "It was so much easier when I was young. You got a boyfriend and you married him. You had some kids, you got older, one of you died and that was it."

SP:  "Jeez, no true love?"

GM:  "There's always been true love, but in my day, you either talked yourself into thinking you had it, or you talked yourself into thinking you didn't need it."

A little something from the previous book:

"Have you ever noticed that when you hear the word figment, it's always in relation to imagination?
Are there no other kinds of figment out there?"

And back to the current book:

SP:  "How's your stomach?" I asked L
"It was good when I got up, but it's not so good now" L said
"Maybe it was the two double-sausage, extra grease breakfast sandwiches you ate," C said. 
"Followed by a dozen doughnuts."
L:  "I didn't eat the whole dozen, there's two left in the box............"


  1. Never mind the rest of breakfast, ten donuts would do me in. Quite possibly for some days.

    More information about these books please. They both sound like a lot of fun. Pretty please?

  2. Elephant's Child; quotes one and three are from Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich. The stories are a numbered series about a female bounty hunter named Stephanie Plum, the first in the series ("One For The Money"), was recently made into a movie.
    The second quote is from "The Know-It-All:One Man's Humble Quest to Become The Smartest Person In the World, (one of my Kindle books), By A J Jacobs.

  3. Ten donuts? Well, I had two carrot tarts and a mini cheesecake today, so I'm no better than 'L' !

  4. Those both sound like something I would like to read. I guess I'll go make some oatmeal now. Some folks have all the luck when it comes to breakfast food.

  5. No wonder they were nagging at me. I love the Stephanie Plum stories and have all of them. Not as convinced by her other work - though I have them too. I will have to see if I can find your kindle book in hard copy. Thank you.

  6. I really like that first quote, sounds like something I'd say...

  7. Kath Lockett; forget the tart and cake part, just think of it as having carrots and cheese. That's healthy and at least you didn't eat ten of them. No double sausage extra grease either.

    Delores; oatmeal is a great breakfast. Add a little chopped dried fruit, some honey, yumm!

    Elephant's Child; it's a great series.

    Tempo; I suspect a lot of people would say the same.

  8. I love the Evanovich books, must try and remember where I left off and pick the series up again.

  9. I love these little snippets.

    And regarding "true love"? I've often thought the very things you listed here. :-)


  10. Who did they pick to play Steph?

    I was going for Betty White to play her loony grandmother.

  11. The Wicked Writer; just start over from book one.

    Pearl; glad you like them. I've never yet found "true love", having settled for good enough with both marriages.

    JahTeh; Stephanie was played by Katherine Heigl. I wasn't happy with Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur. I would have preferred Estelle Getty, but sadly she's dead.

  12. I've seen Debbie do crazy lady really well but not my first choice.

  13. JahTeh; she just didn't seem crazy enough for me. She's too "nice".

  14. good idea...the wife's gonna love you, I'll tell her the reason why I'm buying the books again is because River told me to...lalala lol. Maybe I can get them for the kindle...


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