this is how my Monday went....

6.30am: stagger out of bed after being awake half the night because it was too hot to sleep comfortably. I should have got up and turned the fan on.

am: sometime before 7, I smelled rain. Rain! I raced to the door and watched as about two dozen fat drops splatted onto the dusty driveway. And then it stopped. :(

9.30am: leave home and wander up to the bus stop. Up until now I'm feeling pretty good, but once at the bus stop I start yawning. This is something I only do on days that I'm working.
The yawning I mean. I think it's a subconscious/psychological thing, since I find the work boring.

11.30am: start my four hour shift, getting increasingly more headachy because of the heat. Yes, the store is airconditioned, but it's cooler in the main part of the store than it is at the checkouts (why? why?) and packing groceries is warm work.  (buy more panadol) I was well hydrated, drinking almost a litre of water during the four hours.
Because of the self-serve checkouts, there are less full service checkouts open, unless there is a rush of customers with too many lining up, then an extra checkout or two gets opened  until the pressure eases. This means that the full service checkouts are full-on work with barely a break between customers. (not happy Jan!)

3.30pm: end of shift.  Hooray! Hooray! :) I get out to the bus stop as quickly as I can to get the bus, if I dawdle I'll miss it by a minute and have to wait in the heat for the next one. Sometimes I'll wait in the doorway of the hardware store and take advantage of their airconditioning, but there is no place to sit and sometimes I really need to sit down after standing four hours straight.

4.45pm: I arrive home and crack open a can of pepsi.  Usually I'll have coffee, but I'm too hot and the quick sugar hit will help the headache.  I can't be bothered cooking so zap a weight watchers microwave dinner. I figure its okay, since I cooked yesterday, a little steak and a huge salad.
Mmm, steak.

5.45ish pm: I hear thunder and look outside to see the sunny sky is now clouded over. This is good, I'm hoping for a storm. I love storms. By 5.50 it was raining, lovely big fat drops, the kind you can smell, but 5 minutes later it had stopped again and the sky was again partly sunny.
There was (and is) lots of wind and more thunder, but no rain. Phooey! There was a double rainbow too, I didn't see it, I didn't even think to check for one, but K saw it when she went outside to feed the cat, Missy, and she took a photo with her phone and sent it to me. Two complete coloured arches! Lovely. :)

7.50pm: Raining again!! Yay! 
 It didn't last long and this pattern will probably continue all night.
At least it will be cooler for sleeping.


  1. My Monday is just beginning; it's five after nine and I have to go to work and start unscrewing a computer mess. It's all the same the world around.

  2. don't forget to turn the fan on this time.... hope you sleep well.

  3. Joanne Noragon; I expect if you enjoy your job it wouldn't be so bad. I remember working in the shoe factory, my days were much happier because I loved what I was doing.

    Delores; it was cooler so I slept much better, thank you. I did move the pedestal fan into the bedroom, just in case, but didn't need it.


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