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My good friend Joanne, a long term commenter on my blog, is having difficulty logging on here.

Since Wednesday she is being blocked by a virus that says my blog has content from a site that is known to distribute malaware.

Is anyone else having trouble like this?

I've no idea at all what the problem might be, as far as I know, the only content on this blog is what I write and the pictures I put up, plus all the lovely comments. 

I don't even have any advertising here. 


  1. Rather like one of my commenters who says my blog rolls. The fault is with them.

  2. Andrew; The fault is with the commenter? Does this mean that Joanne has a virus problem? Not me? Someone is playing around on her computer?

  3. Not having any problems with your blog or with blogger in general.

  4. No problem here. Maybe you website master have removed the malaware.
    It happened to me with another website, my virus screening program blocked the site and said a message was sent to the site adminstrator to remove the virus. I tried the site the next day and it wwas ok. Ask your friend to try again.

  5. Yep huge warning comes up when I try to visit saying contains malware from redsultana.com, Just happened again now.

  6. No problems at all. Just the same as usual...opens straight away.

  7. Delores; glad to hear it.

    drb; not even sure I know who the website master is. Would that be Blogger?

    Kimmie; that's disappointing. I'll set my antivirus program running as soon as I shut down for the night.

    Mimsie; I'm glad you are able to get here.

  8. no issues here...they may need to run an antivirus / anti malware program themselves.


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