Righty-Ho then

I've done everything I can think of - deleted all comments in my spam folder, deleted tracking cookies and temporary files, deleted several newish blogs that I'd been meaning to follow but didn't get around to, I've defragmented my hard drive, and had my antivirus program run a full system scan at the end of which I was informed that my system is secure.

Should I split that up into several separate sentences?
Nah, leave it as is.

Anyway...according to Norton, I have no problems, no viruses, no tracking cookies etc.

I can't think what else I could be doing, it would seem the "malaware" notice preventing some people from reading or commenting here is not coming from my system.

The message said my blog contains content from redsultana.com which is known to distribute malaware.
As far as I know, this is untrue.
The only redsultana I know of is a blog I used to read by a woman in Perth. Commenting on her site became extremely difficult and I gave up on it a couple of years ago.
I have no advertising on my blog.
None of my regular readers and commenters would introduce a malaware program.

Hopefully, this will fix itself and those who can't visit will once again be able to do so.
Hopefully they'll keep trying and not just stay away forever.


  1. The fact that some of us can and do comment with no problem is an indication that the problem is not coming from your site. I'm sure eventually it will all clear up.

  2. Righty-Ho, then, I said the hell with it and clicked on the Proceed Anyway box. Life on the edge, I always say.

  3. Hi. I've cut down my commenting anyway due to lovely things not being said about me.

    It's just me, you and Copperwitch, dancing the Yellow Brick Road!


  4. As MBJ/Delores says, it is unlikely to be a problem at your end. I never have trouble commenting here. Copperwitch says she cannot comment at my, and other blogs.

  5. I haven't had a problem either. If I'm not commenting, it's because I'm out travelling and enjoying myself!!!

  6. Delores; I thought that might be the case, with others still commenting, but did all the anti-things anyway, just in case.

    Joanne Noragon; welcome back! I missed you. I hope the problem goes away.

    R.H. I noticed you hadn't been around as much.

    Andrew; it would seem someone not nice is having fun at our expense.

    Red Nomad Oz; I'm glad to hear you have no trouble here. And I'm glad you're out and about, I love seeing Australia through your eyes.

  7. Tried to visit just now and still warnings. Thought I would persevere and let you know.

  8. Kimmie; the problem appears to be coming from elsewhere, glad you're still commenting anyway.

  9. Andrew, if you put back the pop-up box comments, I'd be back in a flash. I never have trouble with River.

    I had a malware warning when I clicked a blog in England that I go to regularly but AVG took care of it. It can be transferred from blog to blog like a cold if you haven't any security in place.

    Malbytes from FileHippo is good but with your connection speed it might takes hours.

  10. I had it ages ago but I can't remember how I got rid of it. I think it was connected with a picture. Hopefully it disappears.

  11. JahTeh; thanks for those hints. I have internet security on all the time, ever since my old desk top got fried.

    Alex aka WHOA MUMMA! I had a virus come in attached to a picture on my old laptop, I had two antivirus programs running simultaneously for a week, while I deleted all pictures that I'd downloaded in the last few weeks. I noted which site I'd downloaded from and never went back there.

  12. I would think, as not everyone is getting that little message, that it is possibly their computers that have the issue, but in case it isn't, I have a program called malwarebytes Anti - Malware program, which I run at least once a week, or once every two weeks as nesscary, mainly because it takes four hours to run, because I've so much crap on the laptop. Why not seek it out and try it out.


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