we've had some wild and woolly weather here

Thunder, lightning, rain and very strong winds.
I'm not complaining....I love this sort of weather.

There are some unfortunate effects though.

Mini blackouts, lasting maybe two seconds, but that's long enough for the bedside clock to start flashing 12:00 instead of regular time, so I have to reset it.
Not a big problem.

Trees, or parts of trees, being blown down in various suburbs, hopefully no major damage done, and hopefully no-one getting hurt. 
This is Adelaide, it happens a couple of times a year.
 Insurance companies will be busy.
And I do sincerely hope no homes have been damaged.

But...of course there's a but....did you think there wouldn't be?

I've just answered a knock on the door.
It's my neighbour, Pat, informing me that the old water heater, (remember it? the oldest one in the history of man),
has made a loud bang and is now making funny noises every few seconds as it tries to reset itself.
(just like last time, ha ha.)

What does this mean for me?
No hot water until it gets fixed. 
No hot water for my shower before work.

I'm going to have to boil the kettle and do a sponge bath instead.
There is an upside however.
Not using the shower means I won't have to squeegee and dry the shower screen, tiles and floor, as I do every morning. Yay!


  1. No penalty rates for you tomorrow for The Cup. But by your weather report, maybe The Cup won't be too great.

    The world's oldest behemoth water heater must be preserved and maintained.

    Is squeegeeing a viable alternative to a weekly clean with Jiff?

  2. Give yourself a refreshing squirt of windex and that squegee will work a charm lol.

  3. You squeegee EVERY SINGLE MORNING? Holy cow...we have five people taking showers/baths in my house so I just give it a good scrubbing every few weeks (maybe longer). Look at you all dedicated!

  4. I don't squeegee every morning, but do give it a scrub (when I'm in there too, so the Jif has to be placed very, v-e-r-y carefully) every week.

  5. Hi River,

    Sounds like an English summer.

    Today, on the way to work, it was -1 degree C.

    Do you wish you were here?




  6. Do you remember when we were on hands and knees, reaching to get the ring out of the tub. The squeegee is such an improvement.

  7. I love the storms as well, but that blinking clock gets me where I live!


  8. My advice? Do not re-set the clock until the blackouts cease. And? Get someone else to sponge you. SO much nicer :-) x

  9. Man that's intense! Stay safe in the storm! I hope that everything works out.

  10. Man that's intense! Stay safe in the storm! I hope that everything works out.

  11. Man that's intense! Stay safe in the storm! I hope that everything works out.

  12. Man that's intense! Stay safe in the storm! I hope that everything works out.

  13. I am not a fan of thunder and lightening. A bit of a wuss really. I am so impressed at your attention to your shower. Once a week suffices here. Well probably not, but that is all it gets.
    I hope the ancient heater is fixed v soon. A woman needs a shower before work.

  14. We are getting the edge of this storm here at Lockwood. The sky has grumbled all day, clouds spitting raindrops every so often and just, just when it seems safe to go out, a crack of lightning or three with a short downpour.

    But then, maybe there is a reason for this thundery noise. When I was a wee child, my ma and pa told me that it was *really* the sound of Father Christmas making the toys for all us good children. Now, as being a grownup is upon me, I have reconsidered. I rather think he is loading pallets of toys/goods onto the sleigh with the forklift.

  15. Hi River, we had it up here to, severe winds, hail and rain until nearly midnight. Adelaide gets some awesome storms

  16. No hot water? GAH! Sorry to hear it. But yay for no squeegeeing!

  17. Oh I do hope your weather calms down it has been a scary year. Mother Nature sure is busy.
    I laughed when I read about your water heater. My imagination took me to when I was a kid. I remember 10 kids one gigantic wash tub, Lifebouy soap and the kettle boiling on the wood stove to warm the scummy water up for the next lucky kid.:) B

  18. Andrew; the Cup doesn't interest me anymore. I gave up on it years ago. It's 10pm Monday now, and the heater hasn't yet been fixed, so it's another sponge bath tomorrow morning. With daily squeegeeing, no weekly scrub is necessary.

    Delores; ummm, no thanks, I'd rather smell of soap.

    Jennifer Kay; yep, every morning. Get dried, get dressed, squeegee and dry the shower recess. Before the streaks and drips dry. I haven't had to scrub the shower since that first couple of times after I moved in. I do it because I'm allergic to mould, so can't let that get started.

    Kath Lockett; I scrubbed like crazy when I first moved in until it was cleaned to my satisfaction, since then it's a daily squeegee and dry to keep it that way. No scrubbing required.

    Plasman; -1*? You can keep that sort of weather to yourself!

    Joanne Noragon; I remember doing that tub ring a few times, then got bubble bath for the kids, it seemed to keep the tub cleaner. I had them all showering instead by the age of five.

    Pearl; luckily I only have the one digital clock and it's in the bedroom, so I often don't see it.

    MultipleMum; welcome to drifting; we usually only get one blackout, although I remember a few years back we had several in one night. After lighting candles and resetting the clock for the third time I gave up and went to bed that night. Last night's blackout was about two seconds long, hardly worthy of the name.

    Izzy Mason; welcome to drifting. As storms go, this one wasn't too bad, normal for Adelaide. We've had worse. I was inside the whole time, so I was safe.

    Elephant's Child; I LOVE storms, all the kids do too, no hiding under the beds for us. I have to do the shower daily so the mould doesn't get started, I'm allergic to mould, it sets off my asthma. Plus, five minutes per morning is far preferable to an hour of scrubbing each weekend. And there's no strong chemicals involved.

    Christine; welcome to drifting. When we were little my mum told us thunder was God and the Angels bowling. The lightening was when they got a strike. Where is Lockwood?

    Tempo; storms are awesome. I don't think we had any hail, just heavy rain. It may have hailed after I fell asleep, but nobody mentioned it at work, so I think not. It was a wide ranging storm if you had it way up there in Pt Augusta.

    Cathy Olliffe-Webster; welcome to drifting. It wasn't so bad, I boiled the kettle to get a decent wash. Unfortunately, the heater is not yet fixed, so there will be a repeat performance tomorrow morning.

  19. wait did I read that right? squeegee and dry every morning? - I would gladly skip a shower if it meant not having to clean :)

  20. It's the little things :)
    Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  21. Hi. I wandered over from Delores' blog. Nice to meet you. I love thunderstorms, (not a fan of tornadoes, however) but around here, when the power goes out, we have way too many digital clocks to reset afterwards. And we have multiple UPS units, too, so when the power goes out, all those things are tweeting like a bunch of crickets. I hope you got your hot water back. Count me in as your newest follower.

  22. Buttons; welcome to drifting. I remember a tin wash tub on the floor in front of the fire, and palmolive soap, but there were only three of us kids. I remember the great excitement when my dad put in a bathroom, with an indoor toilet!

    babygirl32; yes. squeegee and dry every morning. Every morning that I shower that is. If I'm having a day off and not going anywhere, there's no showering.

    Carol Kilgore; welcome to drifting. My life is filled with little things, little routines that keep my life liveable and me sane.

    Susan Flett Swiderski; welcome to drifting. We don't get tornadoes down here, and I'm so very glad we don't. I have only the one digital clock and there's nothing that goes tweeting or beeping. That would drive me nuts!

  23. has it been fixed? it is indeed the little things you miss.

  24. The Wicked Writer; yes, I finally got to wash my hair under a hot shower on Thursday morning. That's almost 48 hours without hot water. I have no idea how the tenants in the other three flats coped.


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