and here I go again

Ooh, these look nice.
Bite, chew, crack, ow!
ow! ow! ow!

One hour later, still going ow! when the upper and lower teeth touch.

Out with the phone book,
search for emergency dental clinic....

there's answer.
there's another one, way across town.
appointment at 4pm.

checked the bus timetable, yes, I can catch this bus and be there about 3:50.

I have to do it.
I can't leave it until regular dental services resume and then make an appointment for sometime in the next month.
Most dentists around here are fully booked and I don't want an infection in the tooth.

Better get my shoes on....


  1. Delores; I'm home again, the tooth wasn't worth saving, with filling crumbling and tooth also cracked, I had it extracted. I didn't need that one anyway and now it will never trouble me again.

  2. That sux, hope you get it sorted quick smart

  3. Tempo; all sorted, tooth extracted. Pain all gone. Forever.

  4. That was a nasty Christmas gift....

  5. And you thought you would be ahead this week with some penalty rates. It always happens like that.

  6. WOW That was fast!! Here there are no services like that for weekends and holidays. I'm so glad you had a dentist available!

  7. Delores; at least it was resolved quickly. And painlessly too. That dentist was GOOD!

    Andrew; hooray for penalty rates, they paid for the dental work.

    Joanne Noragon; I wasn't eating nuts and now I'm going to be wary about the chocolate covered hazelnuts I have in the fridge.

    Happy Elf Mom; every city in Australia has a small list of Emergency Dentists in our Yellow Pages phone books, most of them listing 24/7 and public holidays. All of them charge extra for this service and full payment must be made on the day. But the extra cost is worth it if you're unable to wait for your usual dentist to open up again after the Christmas/New Year break and then he's probably booked out weeks ahead anyway.

  8. I am glad that it was so easily resolved for you. My skinny portion broke a molar on Christmas Day - and hasn't even attempted to get it seen to. Hiss and spit. The sooner he does the better. He said that he wants 'his' dentist to look at it, and she is booked out for months - and doesn't take appointments by telepathy anyway.

  9. Rotten luck about that tooth but glad it was fixed without too much trouble and it certainly won't bother you again. It should be feeling much better by 1/1/13. Hope so anyway.

  10. Elephant's Child; does the Smaller Portion have a high pain threshold? Mine is about zero, the least little pain and I'm eating panadols like lollies. So when it comes to teeth, I'm heading to the first dentist I can find faster than the Roadrunner. An emergency such as a broken molar is no time to sit around waiting for "his' dentist particularly when she is booked out solid. I hope it doesn't become infected for him.

    Mimsie; it was better almost immediately. A little heavy aching as the anaesthetic wore off, but I slept okay and went off to work this morning with no trouble at all.


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