does this make sense to anyone?

Andrew recently put up a post about his spam comments, which reminded me of mine.
The first time I checked the spam folder there were over 800 comments, so I got busy with the delete button.
Now that it is a more manageable size, I'll often read before deleting.

Just last weekend, as I was reading through the spam, (because I like a bit of a giggle now and again),  to check in case any real comments find their way there and in amongst the many, many, many comments offering me cheap short term loans, (no thanks) and cheap medications, (again, no thanks) , I found a few comments that left me a little puzzled.

"....unwell unquestionably come more formerly again since exactly the same nearly a lot often inside case you shield this hike."

What the heck does that mean?
Is this just someone practising their typing?

And there's this one >

"What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable know-how on the topic of unexpected feelings."


Another one tells me I have
"an awful lot of text for only having one or two pictures and maybe you could space it out better?"

I think perhaps this person hasn't actually seen my blog, since I post so many photos Picasa is giving me grief over the uploading.

How about this one that was attached to one of my Whimsical Wednesdays >

"Everything is very open with a clear explanation of the issues. It was definitely informative. Your website is extremely helpful."

You've all seen my Whimsical Wednesdays, they're fun, a giggle, but hardly informative or educational.

Someone else is offering me
"software that can do all the hard work of promoting this website so I can finally get 'laser-targeted qualified traffic'...."

Do I need laser-targeted traffic? What is that anyway?

There's one telling me all about the merits of ghd hair straighteners and right in the middle is this sentence;
 " However whale viewing is only attainable from late July to October once the humpback whales migrate."
Then it goes back to describing the benefits of the ghd before continuing with...
"by technique of the chilly Antarctic Sea for the comfortable waters of French Polynesia", 
then we're back to the hair straighteners again.

I fail to see any connection between humpback whales and hair straighteners.

At least once a week I get the one that tells me my content is "rife with spelling mistakes" , well that is probably because I use English spelling instead of American.
And I've learned that if I use videos I could make my posts "pop".

 And diet tips, I get lots of those since I wrote about the skirt challenge.
(damn skirt still doesn't fit yet)
(but the jeans button up easier  (^_^)  )

What sillinesses do you get in your spam comments folder?  Apart from the viagra and penis enlargement ones?


  1. I had trouble with spam earlier on in the year and turned off the anonyous comments option and it all went away. What made me laugh was i was asked to buy feminine hygiene products last time i looked i was still a bloke.

  2. I remember to look at spam once in a while, and only find comments that slipped in by mistake. I'm with Windsmoke, turned of Anonymous and seem to be down to a spam a year. That's very manageable.

    Have a very nice holiday!

  3. I've also stopped anonymous comments and no longer get the spam ones. A lot of them were for vacation rentals in Scotland. Perhaps I'm to go on a holiday?

  4. "What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable know-how on the topic of unexpected feelings."

    It's code, cryptic writing; a hard on is unambiguous; it means Merry Christmas you sexy thing, when you come here you'll see my Sunday Selection.

  5. Some of them ARE pretty funny, in an annoying kind of way.

  6. Some of those comments are unbelievable and remind me of 'how to do' instructions that have been translated into English by foreign people!!
    I have so few followers of my blog and don't even know what it means to turn on or turn off anonymous I obviously don't get spam, only via my email. I obviously delete them without opening them and yet imagine some of them could be rather unusual too.
    Glad to jeans are easier to button up and don't give up on the skirt.

  7. A couple you missed. One is a complaint that text is running off the edge of the page. Another that the blog is incompatible with certain browsers. Yet another asks me which blog platform I use, which is perfectly obvious if you look at the blog. They try anything to try to get through the spam filter.

  8. While I allow anonymous comments I am lucky and get very little spam. I have had the ones that Andrew mentioned in the comment above mine, and also one offering cheap car insurance for young drivers.

  9. I get those weird, unintelligible spam comments too. I clean them out of the spam folder from time to time. Wordpress does a good job of filtering it seems.

  10. 800? Eight hundred?

    and wishing you a lovely holiday and Happy Christmas.

  11. In some places workers are paid to comment on blogs for the hits and follows. Obviously non English speaking countries... They dont make any sense but they dont end up in your comments..

  12. Hi River,

    You beat me to it. My mailbox is full of this kind of garbage and I was going to do the same and post some of the funnier ones.

    I will do later in the year.




  13. Windsmoke; I don't get too many turning up on the blog, they seem to go straight to the spam folder.

    Joanne; I thought I had turned off anonymous comments, but I checked and I haven't. I will if too many make it through to the blog.

    Cindi' I haven't had any vacation ones. Perhaps that means I need to keep working and not retire just yet.

    R.H. are you sure that's right? Maybe you have the wrong code book.

    Toni; they get annoying when they repeat, repeat, repeat>>>>

    Mimsie; I suspect a few are just people practising their English translations. Worth a giggle.

    Andrew; I do get those ones, just didn't mention them.

    Elephant's Child; I don't get car insurance ones, but I do get offers on ugg boots and Eskimo parkas since I googled Eskimo clothing last winter.

    Fenstar; they're worth reading just for the laughs, then it's delete, delete, delete.

    Ann O'Dyne; that was the first time I'd bothered to check it after the blog had been going for well over a year. Now I check and delete a couple of times a week. even at that rate, there's often over a hundred.

    Tempo; yes, I've heard that. I guess for them it's one way to earn a living.

    Plasman; do it anyway. It will be fun to read what kind of sillinesses go to the other side of the world.

    Anonymous; is that you Lord Rochester?

  14. Lord Rochester; hah! I thought so.


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