well here it is, December

The time of year when those of us with iffy connections have even more trouble getting onto the internet.

It happened last year and the year before when I was living in a different suburb, so when I had hours of frustration Saturday afternoon, I wasn't all that surprised.

For most of November, I've been able to connect and stay connected from about 9-9.30pm until I go to bed.
10-10.30 is my bedtime, so I don't have much time to zip around and visit all my favourite people.

Saturday, even 9.30pm was frustration hour here, I managed to read one email and after that every page I tried to load just took way too long, or I got a window saying that Firefox could not find the server. I hadn't been able to connect at all until 9pm when I read the one email.
I guess all the airwaves were jammed.

If I remember correctly, this will go on pretty much in this fashion now until after Christmas, with another disruptive few days over the New Year period.

I still have the early morning option. If I choose to get up and turn on the computer at any time before about 7.30am, things work out just fine.
Saturday night, after shutting down at 9.45pm and stomping out of the room, I was asleep almost immediately and got up Sunday morning at 4am.

Since this is the cool time of day here in our Summer, that's what I'll be doing. Until the Christmas/New Year busy times are over for another year.
I'll use the time to do pre-scheduled posts as well as reading other blogs.


  1. River, it's not just you. My connection is constantly dropping out with the firefox message coming up especially if I'm reading a long article.

  2. How awful. The last time he was by working on a computer, our computer guy said "Oh, I see you have slow internet." (As opposed, I guess, to that lightening fast 4G razr stuff that geeks love!) But it's as slow as what you describe. That's 1999 for heaven's sake. Stay calm.

  3. Oh, wait. Ours is not as slow as what you describe. Smack me for not proofreading!

  4. Isn't that weird....I'm having connnections problems as well.

  5. Hi River,

    And yet, finally, speaking of connections, I can now actually comment on your blog. Thank goodness for that! :)

  6. Bummer. Well, I reckon you'll just have to set the alarm to get up in the middle of the night, right? (Riiiiiight!)

  7. JahTeh; I'm sure there are lots of us out there with slow connections that are worse in times of heavy usage like Christmas, New Year and Easter. Year 12 exam times are a bit difficult too.

    Joanne Noragon; that super fast internet speed that one sees in movies such as Hackers is what I wish we all had. All the time.

    Delores; I blame Christmas. And the weather. ha ha

    klahanie; the buggy warning seems to have fixed itself. Nice to see you back.

    Susan Flett-Swiderski; I'm one of those people who doesn't need an alarm clock.

  8. I am at my best early, so it is my preferred time for playing in the blogosphere anyway. And it is certainly much, much faster.

  9. I have very fast internet and pay for the highest speeds and still had the problems you did. Something went wrong somewhere out there... I find the internet in South Australia slowed when the smart phones were introduced and all the kids started buying them, with each new internet connected thing our internet gets busier and busier. You will find the internet slow just before the kids head into class in the morning and after 3.30 when they get out until their bed times...holidays more so.
    WELL, thats MY theory anyway.

  10. Elephant's Child; I've noticed that too. Between midnight and 7am everything is so fast. I'm cross that we can't have that speed all the time. Being online after midnight is awkward for me when I have to get up and go to work the next morning.

    Tempo; I find my internet slows from 8.30am when businesses all start up for the day, then again at 5-5.30pm when they all start signing off at once. In between those times it's slow enough, but still reasonable (ish). Like I said to Elephant's Child midnight to 7am is the very best time. When I retire I'll probably sleep all day and be online at night.

  11. I work for an internet company and I must say connection problems are really a head ache...i hope everything gets better and it get resolved...Lets keep on reading for the meantime...:o)


  12. xoxo_grah; welcome to drifting. I'm annoyed that in the 21st century Australia lags so far behind the rest of the world with internet speed and connections. I know other countries have similar problems too and it is really frustrating for those of us who must sleep during the best connection times.

  13. We can blame it on Australia, but I have similar problems here in Minnesota. What is it about this time of year?!


  14. Pearl; choked airwaves. Absolutely everybody getting in early with Christmas messages or buying gifts online, or booking holidays and travel plans; each one thinking that early is better....

  15. yup, evening times suck here too, those in the know need to sort something out with the airwaves, fiberoptics or what ever the heck they are beaming the net through, It gets so frustrating I've to stop the mrs from throwing the computer through the nearest window...

  16. The Wicked Writer; oddly enough, since writing this, I've been able to connect without too much trouble in the late afternoons. The Gods are smiling in my direction it seems.


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