putting a little sparkle into my job

You might have noticed I haven't been visiting much for a couple of days.
My internet connection has been atrocious, or completely absent, depending on what time of day I choose to try connecting.

Anyway, I'm here now and I shall make the most of it while I'm able to.

At work, over the years, we have been given assorted Christmas themed items of clothing to wear during December. 
Caps, (twice), aprons, (once), t-shirts, (every year since).

I thought the caps and aprons needed a little jazzing up, so got busy with needle and thread and sewed tinsel on them.
Then I added some more sparkle to the caps by sewing on a few of the Christmas earrings from my collection.

This is the cap I'm wearing this year at the checkout.

these earrings are on the front, one on either side,

these two are on the sides over my ears,

the bells are on either side at the back of the cap.

at the crown of each cap, I've sewn a tinsel wreath.

These are all earrings that I found uncomfortable to wear as they would scratch at my face as they swung every time I moved my head.

The second cap has a googly-eyed Rudolph on either side at the front,

a red bow above each ear,

and two shiny brooches pinned either side at the back.

In between the brooches is a tinsel Christmas tree, but I don't seem to have a photo of that.

T-shirt 2012. 
The design is printed on the front and the back, with each year having a different design.


  1. You are going to win 'most festive cashier' for sure.

  2. Love them - Let the bells ring out at Christmas.

  3. You would make me smile widely - with you, not at you. Your extra touches are simply brilliant. You rock.
    I wore my flashing Christmas ornament earrings to LL yesterday. Very mixed reception - their problem, I wear them for me.

  4. I never see anyone in our stores wearing something like that EVER! I would love it if I came through your line...

  5. In a restaurant the other night one young waitress was in seasonal attire, as were her fellow servers. But she had headband wrapped in green and red tinsel, tinkling many bells and topped with a sparkly little tree. She made us all smile.

    Keep up the good cheer.

  6. Oh no, the dreaded internet service 'unprovider'.

    How neat. You must look like a most enchanting Christmas decoration. At this rate, I might get into the festive season. The folks at my local supermarket are wearing reindeer antlers. Actually, maybe they always do :)


  7. Delores; sadly, there are no prizes, but the customers love it, I get lots of smiles.

    Cindi Summerlin; the idea is to get more of the customers in the spirit. it seems to work every year.

    Molly; I wore new little jingle bells earrings on Wednesday, by the end of my shift I was very glad to get them off. Jingle, jingle all day long is too long.

    Elephant's Child; it's the extra little touches that bring the smiles. When we first had the caps, everyone wore them plain as they came. I had tinsel stitched on mine by day two and had more customers lined up at my checkout, just to wish me Merry Christmas and compliment the cap.

    Jennifer Kay; show them this post, maybe they'll get inspired. It's such a little thing, but it brings so much happiness.

    Joanne Noragon; see, that's the difference! The individual touches. Here, everyone is wearing the red t-shirts, but only I am wearing the cap from previous years.

    klahanie; there is one other cashier who usually wears reindeer antlers, but this year she hasn't had them on yet. Perhaps next week when it is closer to Christmas.

  8. Now everyone's going to think you're Mrs Claus .... I know what you mean about the Christmas earrings scratching your face ...I wore a pair to the city yesterday and ended up taking them out after a few hours .... maybe I bob my head around too much.

  9. Brilliant!

    Now, here's the dare: wear it on the bus on your way to and from work! :)

  10. peskypixies; thank you. I guess I have my own style of "crafting"

    Dianne; a lot of the kids who pass my checkout are convinced I'm an elf. I ask them if they've been good and tell them I'll let Santa know the answer is yes.

    Kath Lockett; I can do that, but how would you know? It's difficult to take a photo of oneself while riding the bus. :)

  11. Good for you! If your customers don't already have the Christmas spirit when they come in, you can share some of yours with them. Only a true grinch wouldn't smile at that hat.

  12. Susan Flett-Swiderski; I don't think I've had a single customer leave my checkout grumpy.

    The Wicked Writer; it's my contribution to the Christmas Spirit.

  13. Fantastic ideas you have. We need all the happiness we can find and I am sure your decorations have made many people smile so what more could you ask in return for all your work?

  14. You have the longest lines, right? I will bet you are one of the most popular cashiers. :)

  15. Mimsie; I just thought the original caps looked so plain, added the tinsel and it just sort of snowballed.

    Happy Elf Mom; I am a popular cashier, without bragging too much, I have regulars who keep coming back because I'm speedy and they like the way I pack their bags.


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