enthusiasm and flair

For many years now, I have admired the enthusiasm and flair with which Kelley embraces Christmas.

Every room in her home is  elegantly decorated, even her bathroom has a tree.

This year, I have shamelessly copied one of her ideas, (although with much less flair), and I now have a tiny, tiny bathroom tree.

cute, yes?

Not only do I have a bathroom tree, I also have...

stars in the bedroom...(there's a couple of these up on the curtain rod too),

and a fruit bowl filled with tinsel and baubles.

I even got out my Christmas Elf that I have owned since I was about five,
we each had one of these, my sister's Elf played an accordion, my brother's Elf played a violin,

and I hung a row of Reindeer along the wall to greet people as they step inside.

aren't they cute? 

I have tinsel across the doorways too, but none around the lightshades yet.
I need the big ladder for that.


  1. I love that little tree. The stars are great too and so is that bowl of baubles. Yay!! You're decorating. I just love the memories that a well loved ornament can bring.

  2. Christmas elf is so happy to be off the shelf! How charming it all is.

  3. Your little bathroom tree is perfect. I love it!

    I have my festivities contained to one area but I can see how spreading it out is good as well.

  4. Hi River,

    I'm loving this. And the 'wee folks' who live in my garden have snuck in and had a look at your photos.

  5. I like all your decorations, but like the row of reindeer the best. They're cheery little guys. (Nice to know I'm not the only one who decorates the bathroom!)

  6. Last night I was woken up by a strange sound in my bedroom.

    "Is someone in our room?" I said, startled into wakefulness.

    No answer.

    A minute later - more rustling.

    I woke up my husband.

    He groaning indistinctly and went back to sleep.

    5 mins later a big crash.

    The Christmas tree... quietly awaiting erection in its box exploded onto the floor.

    Okay maybe not exploded.

    Fell out.

    Maybe a hint I should get decorating?


    Just you and me against the world River... a world bathroom tree less.


  8. Delores; the tree has a switch on the bottom for a battery operated flashing light which changes colour.

    Joanne Noragon; Christmas Elf is very happy to finally be out of the suitcase. I think I may leave him there permanently.

    Sarah; I usually confine my decorating to the tree, but I like the way my home looks with more sparkle spread around.

    klahanie; I hope your wee folks enjoyed the sight.

    Susan Flett-Swiderski; the reindeer aren't as tough as I thought they were. I'm not sure what they are made of, but I dropped one and his leg broke off, on the inside they look like something baked. I stuck the leg back on with blu-tac. I have penguins and snowmen too, but haven't hung them as I'm all out of hooks.

    Cellobella; that tree is definitely sending a message. Get cracking with the ornaments, the rest of the world is way ahead of you.

    kelley@magnetoboldtoo; in years to come everyone will have a bathroom tree and we can proudly say we started that trend. Well, you did.

  9. Noice! I have never put up Christmas decoration because we are never at home during X'mas but away at either parents' place....

  10. How beautiful. I love your little bathroom tree, and the bedroom stars, and the bowl of baubles and and and... I am weakening. Perhaps this weekend.

  11. Not one single Christmas decoration ruins the look of my house... simplicity, boredom, loneliness..

  12. Everything you've done is fantastic...I must do something to make our home look like it is December with Christmas fast approaching. I don't have anything from my childhood in the way of decorations as were were never home at Christmas but I am sure I can do something. I really must. I am at least writing some cards to send which I guess is a step in the right direction. (I think)

  13. drb; and that's a perfectly good reason.

    Elephant's Child; I think this weekend would be a great time, next weekend is almost too late.

    Tempo; if you decorate, people might visit, that takes care of boredom and loneliness, keep the decorations simple and you still have the simplicity.

    Mimsie; even if you string a little tinsel here and there, it will look like Christmas.

  14. You've done really well ... A tree in the bathroom ...I like that and those cute little reindeers lined up in the hall ... now you've got me enthused.

  15. Zounds!

    Rochester may
    Down thy chimney stray!


  16. Love the bathroom tree - after all, it's a place we all have to visit at some stage.... Z

  17. Dianne; I'm happy to enthuse.

    Lord Rochester; Zounds indeed, I got a little carried away.

    Kath Lockett; even bathrooms deserve a little sparkle.


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