this is something I've never tried before

Latina Spinach, Ricotta and Fetta Cannelloni. 
Available in the dairy case at your local supermarket.

I had a photo ready to upload, but once again Picasa is telling me I need to buy more storage.
I held out last time and after a week or so, was able to post photos again, even though I had not bought more storage.

Anyway, I read the packet instructions, put the dish in the oven, then read the fine print.
 "do not reheat".

Oops! I'd planned on eating half tonight, with a good sized serving of broccoli on the side, then having the other half tomorrow night. Again, with broccoli.
I do love broccoli.

You know what?
I'm going to ignore the warning.
The left over portion is safely covered and refrigerated, tomorrow I'll microwave it and I'm betting it will be just fine.


  1. It will be fine. They are self protective words by the company in a worse case scenario, that is, you cook, eat half and leave the remaining half on the bench for tomorrow night's meal. Even then, you might be ok.

    Don't worry. If I am wrong, I will send flowers.

  2. Andrew; I'm sure it will be okay, but if not cream coloured roses please.

  3. You'll be fine - I reckon that reheated stuff has more flavour - esp regarding casseroles and curries.

  4. Gotta love it when the cooking mess has been all looked after for you.

  5. Did you enjoy it? I have seen it, and wondered....

  6. Kath Lockett; agreed, reheated casseroles have more flavour. I've often made casseroles one day specifically to reheat and eat the next day.

    Delores; I love it when the only dishes to wash are my plate, knife and fork.

    Elephant's Child; it was very nice, this is one I'll be buying again. The cannelloni tubes have plenty of sauce over them, so I was able to dip my broccoli for extra flavour.

  7. Part of our dinner tonight will be ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta, so that cannelloni sounds right up my alley. I'm sure it was just fine reheated. As for Picasa telling you you're out of space, videos less than 15 minutes long, and photos of less than I-can't-remember-offhand how many pixels are free to post, and don't count against your allowable space. If you do a google search, you can find out what size pics are freebies. And I think buying a ton of additional space is only like five dollars.


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