they were having the time of their lives

Yesterday, in the rain, I was waiting in the city for a bus to take me home, when I saw a family out walking.
Where? Why? Who knows.
I watched them for a while as they strolled along.

Every now and then, the little boys, maybe three and four years old, would spot a puddle ahead.
They would run like crazy and jump right into it.
They were having the time of their lives. 

Water would splash right up to their shorts, I'm sure their sneakers must have been soaking wet, but no-one seemed to mind. The parents laughed and continued strolling along, then the boys would spot the next puddle and off they'd go again.

Being a city footpath, the puddles were shallow, but they still held enough water to make a satisfactory splash as the boys jumped in.

Then my bus came along,  I hopped on and I rode home remembering days when my own kids had jumped in puddles all the way as we walked home from shops or school.


  1. And not an electronic device in sight. Good to hear kids still do kid things.

  2. What a grand sight! And all the way home, too, I'm sure.

  3. I used to join in, and on occasion I still

  4. Andrew; it's true, not even the parents were holding phones or other devices.

    Joanne Noragon; they might have done, but the rain did come down really heavily for a while.

    Delores; free fun is the best kind.

    Windsmoke; yes. not a device in sight.

    The Wicked Writer; it's been a long time since I jumped in puddles. I'm afraid my knees will let me down.

  5. I remember... It has been a long while since I jumped in puddles - perhaps I should take it up again.
    I bet that family made you smile all the way into work. It would me.

  6. That was me as a kid, I still love rain and still get on the Yamaha and go bush when it rains (when I can)I cant remember how many times I came home wet, how many times I had to rinse my clothes and hang them so mum wouldnt know I was out in the mud...

  7. How wonderful seeing children being allowed to be children. I love seeing puddles after rain so next time....who knows??

  8. Makes me think of an Judy Collins song from around 1969, possibly earlier "Michael from Mountains." The last time I puddle-jumped was with my nephew, Adam, about twelve years ago.

    Wonderful thing to read today. Innocence, joy, and jumping in puddles. THANK YOU.

  9. Elephant's Child; I was still smiling at dinner time, such a lovely thing to see.

    Tempo; I love being out in the rain too, as long as it isn't freezing cold as well.

    Mimsie; children being children-there should be more of it.

    JeannetteLS; I don't recall that song at all, perhaps it didn't get played here in OZ. I don't puddle jump anymore either.


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