I need some No Smoking signs (whinge, whinge)

Anyone know where I can get some?
From my local council perhaps?
I'll ask around. 

I'm getting rather enormously pissed off on this issue.

I have asthma type reactions to various allergies, all of them airborne pollutions of one kind or another. Pollens mostly, also mould spores, and another major trigger, cigarette smoke.
These things cause me tightness in the chest, shortness of breath and fits of coughing.
Really bad coughing. 
Coughing up a lung coughing. 
Unable to breathe and talk at the same time without coughing.
Which has been a little awkward at the checkout....

It has been really bad this year, with several trips to the doctor resulting in some fairly strong medication, which is helping, but slowly.
(Just like last year, when I thought I had bird flu)

When I'm at home, I like to open the doors and windows to get some fresh air blowing though my little home.
Sadly,  I'm unable to leave them open very long as I find the place filling with the stink of cigarettes that people nearby are smoking.
Sometimes (too often) they aren't regular cigarettes either.
Whatever it is they are smoking, the smell seems to find its way into my home through either the front or back doors and windows, or both, and I don't notice it until it is too late.
When I start coughing. 

This does not happen every day, sometimes I can leave the doors and windows open.
But only sometimes

I don't see anybody standing around outside, so can only surmise the smoke is filtering down from the upstairs balconies.

I'm thinking of putting No Smoking signs beside both windows and both doors.
Do you think that will work?
Or will it piss them off and make them smoke even more?


  1. Probably to no avail. Don't know what to tell you except I hear you. Asking them to smoke elsewhere probably will "offend" people who already consider thermseves virtuous by smoking out doors instead of in a house. On the other hand, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  2. Hi River,

    In the UK, smoking is banned in places like pubs, shops etc.

    Does this ban not exist in Oz?

    BTW I agree with you. I have never smoked and I hate the smell of smoke.




  3. Here in Canada smoking is banned in all public places.....
    hey...how about an oxygen sign out front...that might deter some folks.

  4. I hope you can get some fresh air.

    I've seen the signs for sale and I think it could have been at Officeworks. Maybe check their website.

  5. Maybe the smoke is coming up from the plughole in your sink.
    And the government is reading your thoughts via your electric light globe.
    Maybe you're nuts.

    Merry Christmas to all my darlings, virginity was long ago.

    In memory of Cuthbert X who sang and tap danced in his cell on death row.

  6. Like Sarah said...Office Works, Office Shop or maybe Aust Post shops. I dont think it will make a difference though, the people who do smoke where they shouldnt really dont care what you think.

  7. I love walking into Southland now and smelling clean air except when I walk out it's into a fog of smoke from desperate workers trying to smoke as much as they can during their break.

  8. I too think Office Works would definitely have those signs but I doubt they will have much effect on neighbours as they are entitled (I guess) to smoke outside their own front or back doors. MOH and I gave up smoking back in 1970 but back then it was taken for granted that nobody minded. I often wonder if we upset anyone but I think we tried not to be a nuisance. Good luck in your endeavour to escape the rotten smoke.

  9. The 2 dollar shope - Reject shop etc, are also worth a try. However, I suspect that they will think that they are entitled to smoke on their own verandas. Good luck.

  10. Hmmm, I think you'll be fighting a losing battle, unfortunately. They'll consider that the balcony is 'outside' and on their own property. We tend to get it coming through our loungeroom windows from both up and below us.

  11. Joanne Noragon; I think I'll have to leave well enough alone and keep my doors shut.

    Plasman; yes, we do have the same ban here in Oz, but I'm talking about my home. My flat is surrounded by flats housing smokers and the smoke and smell gets inside unless I notice it quick enough and shut the door.

    Delores; I think an oxygen tank inside and hooked up to my lungs might work better.

    Sarah; I've seen the signs for sale, but I can never find them when I want them. I'll make a trip to officeworks if I have to, but I'll check the website first.

    R.H. yes, I'm nuts, but the smoke is definitely from outside. I know this because when my doors and windows are shut there isn't any getting inside.

    Tempo; I think you're right, it won't make much difference. After all, they're not smoking on my front or back porch. Just above them on their balconies.

    JahTeh; it is lovely in shopping centres etc now, but the doorways and the entrance to alley ways are "hold your breath" sections.

    Mimsie; I grew up with smokers and married smokers, both of my sons smoke, you'd think it wouldn't bother me, but since my asthma got so bad last year, I've really been troubled by smoke.

    Elephant's Child; of course they are entitled to smoke in their homes and on their balconies, I just got really p***ed off yesterday when I opened up for fresh air and an hour later I was coughing so hard I couldn't draw breath properly. I sit in the lounge room and hadn't noticed the smoke coming through the back into the bedroom and bathroom.

    Kath Lockett; definitely a losing battle. I don't want to be making enemies here, so I'll be keeping my doors and windows shut as much as necessary.

  12. It is fascinating and amazing that the aroma of burning nicotine is so robust that I can get a pain in the temple just from a smoking driver roaring past at 6o kms p.h.

    as well as at Oworks, signs at hardware stores where they sell No Junk Mail signs and house numbers.
    good luck.

  13. Fans, blowing out of your place?

    How awful. I hate the smell of unbidden cig smoke. It's not YOUR smoke, yet it wants to come in and stink up your drapes, invade your lungs? I think a standing fan near the balcony, maybe one in a window, blowing out, can help. Otherwise, perhaps you could "run into" the people you believe may be the smokers and let them know that you're having reactions to their smoking. As an ex-smoker, had someone come to me with that information, especially if done politely and perhaps with humor!, I would definitely have altered my habit to accommodate...

    Good luck!


  14. Ann O'Dyne; I've noticed that different brands of cigarettes affect me more than others, one brand in particular gives me an immediate stabbing pain in the temple too, especially when it is coming off clothing that has absorbed it throughout a complete winter. I'd forgotten about hardware stores, I can get a sign there.

    Pearl; I've thought about running fans at both doors, but the cost of electricity here in South Aus is absolutely crippling. There are currently enquiries going on as to why the companies have been ripping us off for so long, yet none of them are willing to lower their prices.

  15. You poor thing. One of our granddaughters is allergic to cigarette smoke, so I understand what you're going through. Unfortunately, hanging a sign at your place that asks people not to smoke won't have much effect on people who feel within their rights to smoke at THEIR place. I respect the rights of people who want to smoke, but their rights shouldn't supercede other people's rights to breathe. Good luck!


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