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I love my kindle, I really do.
So many books in one tiny package.

Plus, of course, the kindle user's guide.
Which I have mostly ignored since reading the part about how to download the books.

Every now and again, after finishing whatever book I've been reading, I'll go back to the user's guide and read another chapter of it.
Sometimes it's relevant, sometimes not.

Last night I read how to make "collections" with my books.
I could choose to have a romance collection, a comedy collection, a murder mystery collection, simply by selecting "create a new collection" from the menu choices and typing in a title for it.

I've chosen instead to create collections based on either story characters or authors.
For instance, the author Lee Child writes about a character named Jack Reacher, so I've titled one collection "Jack Reacher", now I have to go through the long, long process of finding each Jack Reacher story (24 of them) and adding it to the collection.
 But once that is done, I'll be able to find them just by going to the "collections" heading and scrolling through those.

Another collection is titled Stephanie Plum and this will contain all the stories by Janet Evanovich. 
Including the few that aren't based on Stephanie Plum, Bounty Hunter. 

About 50% of the authors I currently have books from,  have series of tales based on a certain character and finding the next book by scrolling through my kindle based on title or author takes a fair amount of time.

Having these in a collections section will make it easier.
Once I've done the character series books, any other stories I have will be in a collection titled by the author.
Stories where I have only one book by an author can go into a "one-off" collection.

As I download new character stories I can just add them immediately to the appropriate collection.
Pretty cool. 


  1. I list my book collection by authors not genre as some authors don't always write the same genre.

  2. It's a great little toy isn't it?

  3. Impressive and does not seem like it took too long to work out. Sometimes it takes longer to work out how to do something tech than the time benefits whatever you do returns to you.

  4. I love how you can have a whole stack of books where-ever you go without the heavy lifting. :)

  5. I haven't succumbed to a kindle yet. Yet.
    I am glad yours is giving you so much joy though.

  6. Windsmoke; I'll only be doing collections for a character series where the stories follow on in some sort of timeline, or continue from the one before. Authors who don't write a series will be left as they are to be read as I come to them on my way through.

    Delores; it's fantastic.

    Andrew; that's true. when I try something new that takes too long to work out for just a few minutes benefit, I'll often give up and leave things the way they were.

    Happy Elf Mom; that's why I bought it. My kindle, including cover, weighs 310 grams, and currently holds 1665 books. So much easier for traveling on the buses.

    Elephant's Child; I still have real books at home that I'm also reading, there's a four-stack on the bedside for those weekends when I wake at 3am and make coffee instead of trying to go back to sleep.

  7. I have been trying to persuade MOH to let me buy him a kindle for Christmas but he says "NO". He, as do I, likes the feel of real books in his hands. I think we are too old for these new gadgets although I have my computer but he won't go near it if he can avoid doing so.
    Jack Reacher...fantastic. I am currently reading "The Affair" which promises to be another great story. Lee Child was born in Coventry, England where MOH comes from and I often feel that you can tell he is English from his style of writing. What do you think?
    I am also currently reading a Michael Connolly novel but I find him a tad long winded as are so many modern writers.
    Do you read Sue Grafton at all?

  8. Mimsie; I've read several of the Jack Reacher stories, but only as I found them at the library, now that I have all of them, I'm reading from the beginning, which is actually a short story titled Second Son. I've just finished The Visitor and I'm taking a break before starting Echo Burning. I'm currently reading Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. I have most of Michael Connelly's books on the kindle, along with Sue Grafton's alphabet series, but haven't read them yet, although I did read a few Michael Connellys years ago. I've never been able to pick where someone is from based on writing style.

  9. It's funny how a movie made from a favourite book will turn you right off the writer for ever. I loved Connelly's "The Lincoln Lawyer" until Matthew Mcghastly played the lead. I think I might feel the same way about Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher.
    I am currently re-reading Harry Potter and hiding at Hogwarts until the crazy season is past.

  10. I'm not a gadget type person, I still have a mobile phone from about 7 years ago! I have an iPod but it's just been used for music and that was all synced from iTunes on my computer. The only technology I keep up with is computer-based... but recently my elderly mum decided she wanted an iPod... what a can of worms that opened... about wi fi and multi-user households and the list went on but I have to say now that I've been on a huge learning curve and set it all up for her it is a pretty cool little gadget... so I can totally understand your kindle love :)

  11. JahTeh; I've read The Lincoln Lawyer but not seen the movie. I used to like reading Stephen King's Firestarter until I saw the movie with Drew Barrymore. Now I can never read the book without picturing her. It's awful. I'm in two minds about seeing the Jack Reacher movie. I want to see if it is true to the book, but maybe tom Cruise will ruin it for me. After all Jack Reacher is 6'5" and tough as nails, Tom isn't either of those.

    gaby@727m2; my mobile phone is close to 7 years old too and my ipod is a third stage hand-me-down with songs from my i-tunes on it. I used to have episodes of TV shows and a couple of movies on it too, but accidentally deleted them when I was re-synching. My daughter has an Ipad and loves it.


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