sticky fingered people

Read this little piece in The Advertiser during the last week.

"Sticky Business

Three people have been arrested in connection with a huge maple syrup heist from a Quebec warehouse which had put a dent in the global supply. 
Authorities never disclosed the exact amount of syrup stolen in August. But the warehouse contained Quebec's maple syrup reserves, which were supposed to hold 4.54 million kilograms, valued at $30 million."

I buy "100% genuine Canadian Maple Syrup", (well, that's what the label says) to pour on my pancakes.
Over here in OZ it comes in small bottles of 200ml,  for about $9 each, but I don't have pancakes every day, not even every week, so it lasts me quite a while which makes the cost a little easier to bear.
Besides, it's the best tasting syrup. 

I'm wondering now what someone would do with 4.54 kilograms of syrup.
What size pancake are they making?

How do you get away with 4.54 kilos of syrup?
Was it stored in bottles? Large tanks?
Did nobody notice huge trucks backing up and taking off again?

Will there be syrup in the store the next time I want to buy some?

Reminds me of the time my mum sat on her front porch and watched a moving van back into a driveway, load all the furniture and take off again. 
She assumed the people were moving out.
They weren't.
They were on holiday for a few weeks and they came home to a completely empty house.
The "moving men" were thieves.


  1. Not the syrup.....noooooooo. Canadian maple syrup IS the best. Haven't noticed any shortage here.

  2. Hi River,

    I heard about this story. You might think the thieves might get unstuck and be found out.

    Being from Canada, I feel your pain. And now, I'm about to make the world's largest pancake....

  3. Delores; glad to hear you're not experiencing a shortage. I buy it so infequently there's a possibility stores will be recovered before I need to buy again. Now and again there is a shortage here in Aus when we're unable to get any. there's always maple "flavoured" syrup, but it isn't at all the same to me.

    klahanie; world's largest pancake eh? hmmmm, how much maple syrup do you have on hand? 4.54 something?

  4. Totally off topic but I bought Seasons 1 and 2 of Haven, one from JBHiFi and one off ebay. I will think of you when I'm watching.

  5. I imagine being accosted on a street corner by a guy in a trench coat dripping with syrup..."Psst, want to buy some Maple syrup?"
    I cant stand the stuff, much to sweet for my tastes. My pancakes get a sprinkle of sugar and a squeeze of lemon.

  6. I'm with Tempo. Maple syrup is just not for me.

  7. Sticky fingers, huh? Yeah, I suppose it's hard to let go of maple syrup.
    Your Mum was faced with a tough call. Who would know if it's mov'n or theiv'n?
    You have a blessed Christmas.

  8. mmmmmm... maple syrup.

    Bacon basted in maple OMG!

  9. Yes, it IS the best syrup - but maybe us Aussies just don't DO syrup like the Canadians ...

  10. JahTeh; I'm getting Haven 1 and 2 for Christmas.

    Tempo; it is very sweet which is why I only use a little and I do alternate with sugar and lemon.

    Elephant's Child; it isn't for everyone. It's very sweet.

    Manzanita; my mum didn't know those neighbours very well, she'd only lived there a short time when they went on holiday. I know that when I see a moving tuck I assume it's legitimate.

    kelley; I've tried bacon and maple syrup and didn't like it. Brush a little on cut fruit such a peaches, then bake in the oven and serve with a mix of mascarpone and whipped cream, a dessert fit for a queen.

    Red Nomad OZ; we're new to the maple syrup I think, out here it's mostly maple "flavoured" stuff. Canadians have centuries of experience.


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