bean salad

It's Anzac Day, but I don't have an Anzac post prepared, not even Anzac biscuits photos.

Plenty of people out there will be doing Anzac remembrance posts and thanking our Diggers, so I feel I don't really need to.
(I didn't have any family in the troops, my people were on "the other side")

Instead, I'll show you my lunch.

Bean Salad for one
One tiny can of four bean mix, drained and rinsed
four cherry tomatoes, cut in quarters
a sliced spring onion or two
chopped cucumber
one or two teaspoons olive oil
one or two teaspoons apple cider vinegar

Mix everything thoroughly and eat.

Quick and easy.


  1. and delicious....all it needs is a little chopped up bacon lol.

  2. Thats pretty much how I make it except that I use Balsamic Vinegar..

  3. Delores; no no, no bacon.

    Joanne; it is nice and very quick to make.

    Kimmie; it is, but only in small serves.

    Kymbo Whitford; welcome to drifting.
    I've tried balsamic vinegar and don't like it. I'll stick with apple cider vinegar.

  4. That's SO healthy, I could follow it up with a doughnut chaser!!!

  5. Oh yum. I would leave the cucumber out (not a fan) but otherwise it sounds wonderful. Thank you.

  6. Yum! But I'd add some pasta or quinoa to beef it up (no actual beef though) or I'd be starving an hour later.

  7. Red Nomad OZ; yes you could, that's a great idea!

    Elephant's Child; perhaps a few baby spinach leaves instead? Celery?

    Meftun Tenikeci; English please?

    Kath Lockett; beans are quite filling, after eating that small bowlful I was okay until dinnertime. With no afternoon snacking at all.

  8. The Wicked Writer; very tasty. Beans on their own can be dry, but the additions add juiciness and flavour.

  9. Mmm just the type of lunch I love but maybe just a tad more carb although the beans do have some. I am going to try it really soon. Would Phil eat it though? I'll have to run that past him...thanks for the recipe.

  10. Mimsie; a slice of bread might add just enough carb for you. I use the really small cans of bean mix, 125g, they come in a four pack.

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