I am so so stupid! Really!

Hand me that box of Panadeine.......

Earlier today, I was on my way to Norwood to check my PO box as I do every Wednesday, as a way of getting myself off the couch and out of the house.

I'd got off the bus in the city and was headed to the Norwood bus stop when I glanced up to see the bus already there with passengers climbing on.
So without even thinking, I ran for it, just like I always used to.

Boy am I paying for that now.
I'm unable to get to a sitting position without difficulty and getting up again is a nightmare.
So I'm standing and limping around, I'll be eating dinner standing up, just like I'm typing this standing up. 

Life is such fun isn't it?

I've had this before, (it's my hip) and it will pass, but I really do wish my brain would kick in and stop me before the legs start running.


  1. Ah yes, dont we all wish we knew we were overdoing it BEFORE we overdid it. Hope you mend quickly.

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  3. That's awful for you, River, but just one of those automatic 'GO FOR IT, GRAB IT' responses we all have when a bus/train/train is there.

    If it makes you feel any better, Love Chunks is in the same boat. He ran for the train yesterday and twanged his calf rather badly.

    Age? Yes, but also the shock of standing still to a mad dash in a matter of seconds.

  4. Oh River, I am so sorry. Ouch. And ouch again. Sadly I also do things that I 'always used to be able to' and pay for it. Age and my own stupidity are NOT a good mix.
    I do hope you feel better - quickly.

  5. Be kind to yourself.

    Hope you feel better very soon


  6. I can sympathise, not that I ran because I can't but we did our hours exercise this morning with the physio and later on decided to go to KMart as they had some clothes Phil needed and we had to buy some bits and pieces for ggd's 1st birthday. I used my walker but had to keep stopping to sit down and now I am aching in parts that don't usually ache. Took a couple of Pandadol ostea but they barely scratch the surface. Hope you feel better really soon and no more running. Best to catch the next bus perhaps.
    Someone once said that at least if you ache you know you are still alive but I'd rather be reminded in a far gentler way wouldn't you.

  7. That's weird - my brain ALWAYS tells my legs not to run. Oh, hang on - that's because I've got the LAZY gene!! Now - if only I could pass it on to you, your problems would be over!!

  8. Yeah, why can't we run like we used to, and skip and hop and jump????? So sorry you are sore, I know that feeling.

  9. Oh ow!!! Isn't it awful how that little burst of "I feel 20 again" can leave us feeling like 90?

  10. You need to learn the old person's run. The one that looks like you are running for the bus, so the driver notices you are making an effort and so feels sympathy, but you aren't actually moving very fast or exerting yourself too much. I can't really describe it, but if you don't know what I mean, you will learn it one day, as will we all.

  11. Oh no, River, you are to be commended for typing standing up. Not an ideal way to type. Me thinks your brain needs to have a talk with your legs :)

    Now please relax and get better.


  12. Did you get the mail? At least you'd have something to sort. That was a real can't believe I did that moment. Note to self: do not run for anything again. Even if you could.

  13. Kymbo Whitford; it will be 3-4 days before I move easily again. I'll promise myself I won't run for a bus ever again, but the legs seem to have minds of their own. They still think they're 20 years old instead of 60.

    Kath Lockett; my sympathies for LC. Those "go for it" responses take a long time to die.

    Elephant's Child; I'll be fine in a few days. The sooner I learn to wait for the next bus, the better off I'll be.

    Blossom; at the moment I'm angry with myself. The kindness will come later, once the pain eases.

    Mimsie; I only ache in the same places every time. I can see how walking around a busy store after exercising wouldn't be easy. Here's the tip for Panadol Osteo. They are slow release tabs, so the effect is felt gradually over the hours. I've found with those if I take something that works faster, such as regular Panadol, then start the Osteo before that first dose wears off, it seems to help more. But usually for this level of pain I'll go straight for the Panadeine because the codeine helps more. Makes me sleepy though, so it's a good thing my bed is only 8 steps away.

    Red Nomad OZ; I've got the lazy gene, but my legs don't seem to have it. Weird that.

    Manzanita; I remember running just for the fun of it, to feel the breeze of speed pass my face, skipping with a rope, hopscotch for hours....those were the days.

    Delores; funny thing is, on the inside, I'm always 20.

    Andrew; I know that old person's run and I've done it many times, kind of a faster than walking shuffle while waving at the bus driver. This time my legs just took off on their own. Let's hope they were just giving their last hurrah before settling down to old age.

    klahanie; I lifted the laptop up onto the printer so I could reach the keyboard, but I was still uncomfortable. I should have been laying down already.

    joanne; I got the mail, but there were only two letters, one mammogram reminder and one hearing check reminder, so both of them reminding me how old I am. I'll tell myself not to run again, but I have to convince the legs.

  14. This may be of interest to you. There is a list of affected routes at the bottom. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/bus-company-transfield-stripped-of-eight-routes-and-fined-for-being-late/story-e6frea83-1226628706365

  15. Andrew; I saw that on our current affairs program last night. the routes affected don't seem to be any that I regularly travel on, it's the main North/South corridor from one end to the other, the freeway down to Noarlunga and back to the city I think. I'll check you link anyway, to be sure. As for late buses, well, there are some routes that are always late so we know not to hurry to the bus stop.

  16. oh here, tell me about it, I will insist on walking places even though I know I'll pay for it later, back and hips were giving me awful gip after walking to town yesterday and walking around for a bit. I need to visit me doc for some painkillers...no fun and my sympathies River.

  17. The Wicked Writer; I used to be able to walk for miles without a single problem. Now there are days when I can walk to or from town, but not both ways, then there are days when I walk around the block and have to lie down for two or three hours after.


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