Handy Hint #8493620

If you've ever used one of these.....(to rid your yard of bitey ants)

don't throw away the empty container.

The shaker top makes it an excellent dispenser for granulated lawn food. 

no more dipping your hand into the bag and tossing granules around.
Just sprinkle them via this newly labelled container.
Handy for feeding small patches of lawn.
Probably not so handy for a golf course I suppose.


  1. Bit on the small side for a golf course but very handy everywhere else.

  2. Great, great idea. I just did dip my hand into the goop and sprinkle lawn repair bits around. I always feel like I'm feeding chickens. Thanks

  3. The birds would just think I'd moved the feeder farther into the yard.

  4. No lawn at my house but those things are handy for other things.

  5. I leave our ants alone. And the skinny one spreads lawn feeder. I win on both counts.

  6. brilliant idea, if we had a lawn :(

  7. Delores; I leave the golf course for the professionals.

    Manzanita; I used to dip my hand in the bag too, but this is so much easier.

    Joanne Noragon; they'll soon learn it isn't food that you've sprinkled on the grass.

    Merlesworld; Yes, they would be.

    Kelley; something new for you to try?

    Elephant's Child; I'd leave my ants alone if they'd leave me alone. But they don't.

    The Wicked Writer; no lawn? where do you picnic? Ahh, in the park perhaps. Where you don't have to care for the grass.

  8. We don't have any lawn. The bit that is supposedly 'ours' is not allowed to be touched or walked on!

  9. Kath Lockett; that's a shame. File away the info for when you are back in Aus.


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