Wednesday's Words on a Friday

On Wednesdays, Delores, from A Feathered Nest has a meme which she calls Words for Wednesday.

She puts up a selection of six words which we then use in a short story, if we are able.
Sometimes I look at her words and nothing at all comes to  mind.

This week's words are:

1. officiate
2. pompous
3. windy
4. grandstand
5. marching.
6. soup

Here is my short story >

The kids stood in the cold and windy quadrangle listening to the Principal make yet another of his pompous speeches about the marching band raising money for a new grandstand to complete the sports oval. 
Jeff hadn't heard a word of it. The wind was chilling his bones and all he could think about was the hot soup waiting for them in the lunchroom. 
If only the Principal would stop his officiating and let them get lunch!


  1. Great took this one and ran with it.

  2. Very good it captured the moment I can picture it in my mind.

  3. Nice! You always amazed me. :-)

  4. That is truly brilliant. Well done. I didn't even attempt that one. Grandstand made me think of nothing other than Aussie Rules football and then I was stumped as the other words didn't seem to fit.

  5. That is really well done and a well-put together little story.

  6. Delores; I had a hard time working in "officiate". It's not a word I've ever used.

    Merlesworld; I remembered days when we'd all be assembled listening to our Principal rabbiting on about school spirit and wishing he'd hurry up so we could get inside out of the cold or blazing sun.

    mm; thank you, I amaze myself too.

    Mimsie; officiate nearly did me in, I let the subconscious work it out.

    Manzanita; I find I'm enjoying these little challenges.

  7. Elephant's Child; thank you and you're welcome. I liked your story with these words too.

  8. kewl, a brilliant way to use the words.

  9. Very very well done, River. An A grade for you!

  10. The Wicked Writer; thank you.

    Pearl; I'm getting the hang of stringing words together.

    Kath Lockett; I haven't had an A in years! I think my last one was a Math exam. Thank you.


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