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Following on again with Toni's "a...is for" A-Z meme, this week's letter is O.

I was having a bit of trouble finding something to write about for the letter O, so I asked no-one for help.
She sent me this sentence.

"Orchid. You can use the fun fact that the name orchid comes from the Greek 'orkhis' literally means testicle. Heh. Apparently so named because the roots of the plant look like testicles. Which is funny since so many people find it really romantic to be given a bunch of Orchids."

Well after reading that, of course I had to google* orchid roots and found out they didn't look like testicles at all. 
They do, however, resemble sperm.

See? Sperm.

I wonder if my mum was aware of this when she insisted I carry a spray of white orchids at my wedding and my bridesmaids carry sprays of pale green orchids.

here are some images* for you >>>

Imagine this type in white, (mine), and pale lime green, (bridesmaids)
I didn't even have a choice in colours, it really was more mum's wedding than mine.
She planned everything!

these almost look like birds in flight.

I didn't bother looking up the names of all the different types.
So many different types in so many colours.



pale purple

I believe these are spider orchids.

*thank you google images


  1. Beautiful flowers, especially the fourth one down. The orchid garden in Singapore is a wonderful place to see many many orchids.

  2. I must be one of the few people who aren't huge fans of orchids, but your sperm observation does, at the very least, let me see them in a different light!

  3. Very interesting looking flowers...can't say I'm a fan but they definitely are interesting.

  4. Happy Elf Mom; they are pretty and the variety available is astonishing, but I don't like them as much as other flowers.

    Andrew; beautiful to look at, but there's no fragrance as far as I can tell and I believe they require a lot of work to grow.

    Kath Lockett; I'm not a fan either, but mum always liked the unusual so I let her have them for my wedding.

    Delores; yes, interesting is a good word for them.

  5. never a fan of orchids really, and thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on the A to Z it's so nice to see your name come up.

  6. They are stunning looking flowers, but all of my first loves in the garden are scented.
    And you are so right about the sperm. Some fire-works too have that look. Years back while watching a fireworks display a small child nearby said 'look Daddy, a worm.' Which I misheard. And still think she had a point (even if she didn't).

  7. I do like orchids and my son-in-law has some wonderful cymbidium orchids which flower prolifically each year.
    Also it is well worth looking closely inside an orchid flower. Just saying.
    I and my matron of honour both had orchid corsages when I married MOH. One of my workmates grew them in a greenhouse and he provided the flowers for us. I think my daughter carried one on a longer stem (that was back in 1967 but I think I am correct).
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

  8. Haha! Maybe your mother was just blessed with a deep sense of irony!! Or maybe - like me - she just liked the intricate colours and beauty of orchids!!


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