Q....is for

Following on again with Toni's A-Z, "a...is for" meme, this week's letter is Q

Q....is for........hmmm, Q, Q,

Q....Q....q....qqqq, ...........nope, got nuthin'

I'll have to get back to you.................oh!
I've got something!

Q....is for Qantas.

 Known the world over as the Flying Kangaroo.

Here are some of the older logos, from 1944 to 2007.
The oldest logo was modelled on the kangaroo on the pre-decimal Australian penny.

I quite like this one with the wings.

Flying friendly skies.

The Qantas uniform has seen a few changes over the years too.

The summer uniform from 1948 to 1959.

Here we see a few of the uniforms worn over the years by the Air Hostesses.
Are they still called Air Hostesses?

The latest uniform was revealed this week in the media and I think it looks really nice.

What do you think?

A trench coat!   I do like a trench coat.

Q...is for Qantas


  1. Very interesting. I like the latest tail design the best. As for the uniforms, well, I am not keen on the red one.

  2. I like the new uniform, the trench coat looks great well on Merandia anyway.

  3. Yes, new uniforms are nicer, hope the air-stewards will be nicer too.

  4. Sorry, the PC terms are Flight Attendent or Cabin crew. Air hostess/stewardess are less preferred.

  5. I think the new uniforms are a stylish improvement on some that have gone before.
    And I am so glad you didn't go with Q is for the quiche that real men supposedly didn't eat. They did in this house.

  6. Q is for quick...which I'm NOT !

  7. Ah, our beloved Qantas and at one time our only overseas airline. There have been so many changes and apparently even in the terminology for the different staff positions. I have flown both Qantas and Air New Zealand and I must be honest and say I did prefer Air New Zealand. Gee I am being a traitor aren't I so sorry about that.
    Just loved your post though....very clever. You didn't say what QANTAS stood for....QUEENSLAND AND NORTHERN TERRITORY AIRLINE SERVICE I think is the full title.

  8. Andrew; the latest tail design is very stylish. I didn't like the red uniform either.

    Merlesworld; trench coats look great on anyone with an actual waist. Mine looks more like it's wrapped around a keg.

    mm; aha! Flight Attendants. I knew Air Hostesses was out dated. The men's uniform is in one of the pictures, dark suit with the red and pink tie.

    Elephant's Child; they are very stylish and do I see an Asian influence in the dress styling?
    Men will eat Quiche as long as you call it Egg and Bacon Pie.

    Tempo; quick is over rated. Getting there is the important thing.

    Mimsie; uh-oh, I forgot to mention what Qantas stands for. I actually googled for a history of the airline and found information about 40 pages long and really didn't feel like wading through all that to find tidbits. I should have mentioned the Flying Doctor Service though.

  9. Lovin the trench coat AND the fedora.

  10. Qantas is amazing, if I wasn't so scared of large bugs and had loads of mula I'd love to travel with them and go visit...but alas...

  11. Always loved the Qantas logo in all its forms the new uniform looks terrific too. Far better than the black browny ones with dot paintings on them.

  12. Q is for Queer. Weird. Bizarre.
    The '44 and '47 are strangely Art Deco.
    Ansett hosties demanded a pay rise years ago. Reg called them "Old boilers". And he prohibited women pilots (could they trusted flying a plane during the crankiness of menstruation?)
    Hosties are called Flight Attendants now. They're Barbie Dolls: slim, alluring, extremely well-groomed; with a few queers among them.

  13. Pardon me, the '44 and '68 (not '47) seem Art Deco.

    Good heavens, I'm failing to look closely. Except at nice looking birdies.

    It'll be the last thing to go.

  14. Delores; they do look very stylish.

    The Wicked Writer; what do you mean large bugs? We don't have large bugs....do we?

    Kath Lockett; I don't remember the dot paintings ones. I do remember the painted jumbo jet or 727, whatever it was. That was fantastic and I wanted to photograph it, so left the house earlier that day and when I got to where I could get the best shot, discovered I'd left the camera at home.

    R.H. The Flight Attendants need to be slim these days, there's not much room in those planes now with all the extra cheap seats crammed in.

  15. I've always flown cheap. I don't mind.

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  17. R.H. I rarely fly, hardly even leave home these days, but if I now I'm only going to be in a plane for a few hours, I'm happy enough to pay the cheaper price for cramped seats. If I ever go overseas which would be a much longer flight, I'd pay extra for more comfort.

    zahid ahmed; ????


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