I almost never remember my dreams

Most of the time I suspect I don't dream at all.
I fall asleep and wake up in the morning.
Sometimes way too early, like 2am or 3am and let me tell you, the peace and quiet of the wee hours is perfect for reading in bed with a cup of coffee or milo. Especially if you've already been deeply asleep for several hours and are now wide awake.

Anyway...sometimes I dream, but on waking in the morning I remember nothing but that I have dreamt and the dream was a good one or maybe something that left me feeling unsettled.
Have you ever noticed how an unsettling dream throws off your whole day even though you can't remember the dream?

A few days ago, I dreamed that I'd opened my cutlery drawer to put things away and found all the cutlery mixed up like someone had taken all of it and just dumped it in without sorting into the proper compartments. I remember feeling confused and knowing that it couldn't possibly have been me, so who had been in my kitchen?  Why would anyone not sort their cutlery?  Finding a teaspoon would be a nightmare. So in the dream I started to sort everything back into the separate compartments, but woke up before I finished.

I forgot that dream until a few days later when "no-one" came to visit and I was getting out forks for our lunch. So I told her about it and now I can't forget it.
I'm taking it as a sign that my life is a little mixed up right now.
I'm on holidays, so haven't settled to any sort of routine, although I can feel myself now wanting to head that way, plus I'm not at all sure I want to go back to work when my holidays are over.

That decision can wait, I have plenty of time, but I think a more stable routine needs to happen soon.
With winter coming on, I'll need to sort out washing days, shopping days, cooking and baking days, all of which have been crammed into weekends for the last twenty plus years.

Perhaps my next remembered dream will point me towards something.


  1. The nice thing about having a spell with no work is that you don't HAVE to be on a schedule. Fly free...feel the freedom.

  2. I believe that our dreams are a way for our subconscious to take a jab at us.

    An unsorted drawer? someone's made a mess of things? perhaps there's been some tension that you would need to cut through with a knife -- only where IS it?!

    Then again, maybe it's just a dream. :-)


  3. Listen to your dreams. Get sorted out. Or wait until you must. It will work through.

  4. Hi River,

    I have seriously weird dreams. I should write them down - and blog about them.

    Or maybe not - people will REALLY think I'm weird.




  5. I dream all the time if they are nice and relaxing I will remember them but if they are mean or nasty I try to forget them, sometimes it is impossible and I can't get them out of my mind.

  6. I don't worry when I am on holidays, but if I wasn't working anymore, I would need some structure to my life, that is, get up at this time, do this and then do that. But I would keep it flexible too.

    A messed up cutlery drawer is weird, but that is how dreams are.

  7. Ooh, that was quite a dream wasn't it? I am sure a dream interpreter would tell you exactly what it meant. I do dream but seldom remember them but if I am awoken during a dream I then tend to remember more of it. I used to always dream about people I knew but these days I do dream about people I don't know and that is strange in itself.
    I would continue to enjoy your holiday, make your decision about work and take it from there. Of course if you were anything like me who has never been a person of routine you'd just muck along the best you could. : )

  8. Delores; I'm definitely feeling the freedom. This morning I bought a little rolling suitcase for when I take little bus trips here and there.

    Pearl; there's no tension in my home. More a lack of structure while I'm on holidays.

    Joanne; I'm making plans to get sorted, so that's a start.

    Plasman; you should blog about your dreams. Most definitely. You have nothing to lose since we already think you are fun to read.

    Merlesworld; I never remember mean dreams, just that I dreamed something not nice. I did have a nightmare once that I have never forgotten because my husband had the exact same nightmare the next night and I hadn't mentioned mine to him yet.

    Andrew; I'm feeling the need for structure because that is what I'm used to, but I'm enjoying the freedom of doing what I want, when I want. A little confusing for the body clock.

    Mimsie; I have always been a person of routine, but with flexibility thrown in, in case plans need changing at the last minute.

  9. That dream would have seriously upset me. I suspect it is a good thing that you life has a little less structure in it at the moment though - more of a holiday? Enjoy it while you can.
    When are you going down to Victor Harbour? (Such a beautiful spot.)

  10. Elephant's Child; I'm waiting for the cooler weather, I want to avoid the upcoming school holidays when the place may be over run, I may be visiting my brother and his partner in Fremantle first, but the time for that is undecided yet. I am definitely going though, this morning I bought the rolling suitcase and I already have a bus timetable and the price of a ticket stuck to my fridge.

  11. I don't know how to interpret dreams, but I'd think that there'd be some consolation that it was a cutlery drawer and not you being chased off a cliff by a wolf or something gruesome like that....?

    I'd LOVE the idea of being able to read in bed when I wake up too early but it'd annoy LC who is usually fast asleep (lucky sod). I do, however, sometimes sneak out and have a read in the living room until my eyes get heavy.

  12. Kath Lockett; I used to get that falling off a cliff dream when I was young, apparently it's something many kids dream at some stage and it passes. If there was a wolf involved, I'd probably offer it the roast beef sandwich in my pocket, my dreams usually have food in them somewhere.
    I'm able to read in bed because I don't have someone to snuggle up with now, but I would sneak out and read on the couch too sometimes when I did have someone.


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