a handy hint that will save you money

Don't throw out that "empty" tube or plastic bottle of hand lotion.

You might think there isn't anything left in it because you squeeze and all you get is a "fart" of air and maybe a small blob of lotion.
 They're made that way on purpose.......
Set it aside and get yourself a screw top jar, cheap plastic ones are available from Reject shops ans Cheap as Chips places.

Then do this>>>

cut open a tube with strong scissors or a bottle with a serrated knife. 

scrape out what is left inside

some bottles have grooved necks which hold quite a bit of lotion.

just look at how much lotion or cream you might be throwing away each time!

this jar is about 6cm by 7cm, a decent size and not too big that you can't keep it handy near your sink or in your bathroom.

here it is beside my coffee cup for a size comparison, but it isn't a true comparison, the cup is too far behind and looks too small.
But you get the idea.

Don't restrict yourself to hand lotions and creams either. 
This works for face creams, shampoos, conditioners too.


  1. And I thought I already knew how to get all the toothpaste out of the tube! You win first prize. Thanks for the info.

  2. We toss things out too easily.

  3. OMG That is a ton of lotion. Thanks for the tip. Those squirty tops never seem to work well toward the end.

  4. I did solve the problem of excess conditioner. I quit using conditioner. I got my hair cut so short none of the follicles have a chance to misbehave.

  5. He is not as bad now, but my partner used to throw out shampoo and conditioner bottles way to early. I would rescue them from the recycling bin and I barely had to buy either, just using what he had left. I won't do the messy business of cutting them open, but I do stand them upside down to get almost the very last from them.

  6. Being raised by a Depression-era mother has it's advantages!! My favourite tip is to split the liquid soap into two containers and add water. It's easier to spread, and you don't waste nearly so much!!

  7. Not sure you could do this with the mayo left in the squeezy bottles but it's a thought. This is a great tip so thank you for it.
    We too stand our shampoo bottles upside down as they near the end and waste very little that way.

  8. Delores; we've become a toss-it-and-buy-new society. Multi-national companies have their hands deep into our wallets.

    Manzanita; when it is a thicker lotion, almost a cream, it's really worth doing this as so much gets trapped because of air in soft plastic bottles.

    mm; you're welcome.

    Happy Elf Mom; you'll be surprised by what you save.

    Elephant's Child; infuriating packaging that is made that way on purpose. Remember years ago when most things came in a big tub so you could get every last bit?

    Murr Brewster; I noticed your shorter hair and it looks very nice. I've compromised by using conditioner only on the ends where my hair is drier.

    Andrew; standing shampoo bottles upside down works pretty well, as shampoo is fairly runny stuff, but conditioner often comes in tubes, so I scrape them out.

    The Wicked Writer; thank you, feel free to use it.

    Red Nomad OZ; I've given up on most liquid soaps as they seem to dry the hands more. I've found the best one is Coles generic brand. I hardly use it though and when this bottle is empty I won't buy any more. I prefer bar soaps. I save the small end bits and melt them all together to make a new chunk of soap for the sink, or to leave outside for gardening clean up.

    Mimsie; I don't see why not. Check the use by date first and if that's okay, scrape the mayo into a screw top jar and use it like jar mustard, with a knife or spoon. Mayo does go "off" quickly though. I never buy it in the squeezy bottles. I don't bother with tomato sauce at all. Use it until the bottle is almost empty, then to get that last bit, add water, swish it around and add it to your gravy or soup.
    Many shampoo bottles are made to be stood upside down, it's the conditioners that need to be scraped out. Those soft tubes hold too much air.

  9. I've been doing that for years, did it this week with a tube of Polyfilla.

  10. R.H. we oldies know how to save a dollar, that's for sure.

  11. Yes well the Polyfilla tube is V-shaped at the end, you'll never get it all without cutting the tube in half; quite a bit left. Quite a bit around the top area too. I think some of these firms shape the containers to cause wastage.

  12. Well done, River. I'm guilty of doing it ONLY when it's a pricey one (usually a gift) but if I find a decent jar I should do it for them all.

  13. R.H. you're right, these containers are made that way on purpose.

    Kath Lockett; have your mum ship you some cheap screw top containers from the reject Shop. They come in assorted sizes, my pantry is full of them.


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