What Irritates you Monday

What irritates you Monday is a meme thought up by Delores from TheFeathered Nest.

Here, on a Monday, we get a chance to vent our little, or not so little, things that irritate us.

Today, my irritations are....

Taking my camera and going back to a place, more than once, where I saw a flock of pink and white Corellas , only to never see them again. 

Hearing the white cockatoos every morning and afternoon, but not managing to get photos because they fly over so damn fast, or they fly over too far off to a side, so I can hear them but not see them. 

Going for a short walk with my only purpose a little exercise and seeing one or more things that made me wish I'd brought the camera. 

Taking the camera on the short walks and seeing nothing to photograph. 

Getting caught in the rain (which I normally don't mind) when my freshly shampooed hair has just dried. 

Minor irritations, all of them, but life is pretty good right now, so that's all I have.


  1. I second every camera irritation. I'm OK with rain on my hair.

  2. I get really annoyed with myself when I look at my pictures and they are all blurry and I realize it's my own fault cause the little dial on top isn't set right and I never thought to look when I was shooting. How's that for a run on sentence?

  3. I always see a great picture and don't have the camera that makes me mad too, so I started taking it with me when I go anywhere then I will forget I got it.
    I think I 'm just getting old.

  4. Hey River,

    Oh do I relate to the camera irritation. I know when I get our dog just posing perfectly, I go to click the photo and she takes off. I think they do it deliberately.

    Life is going along pretty good for you. That's great to know :)

  5. Joanne; I'm okay with rain on my hair unless it is freshly shampooed. It just turns into one big frizzy bush.

    Delores; my camera is permanently set on auto. I know I should learn all the manual settings, but there are so many and by the time I work out what setting I want, then go through the menu to set it, anything I'm taking photos of like birds or animals, even clouds, is usually long gone.

    Merlesworld; I've done that too. I once saw a crash scene, a particular crash which is 99% never seen, and my camera was in my bag, (I was on a bus going home)and the whole time I looked it never once occurred to me to get the camera out. I lost a perfect opportunity to capture two ambulances that crashed into each other at an intersection!

    klahnie; like the cat I used to have. He'd be asleep in a peculiar position, so I'd go to get the camera and just as I focused, he'd suddenly be awake and taking off.

  6. Oh snap. I keep promising myself I will learn to make better use of my camera. And then I use the same three or four settings. Again.
    And Jazz likes to have his photo taken but Jewel scurries off as soon as she sees me with it. Sigh.
    I am glad that your world is treating you well though.

  7. lol, nice peeves, maybe leave the camera setup if you know they are going to be around?

  8. Life is pretty good when you can only find minor irritations to bother you... Long may that continue.

  9. I'll go along too with the camera irritations although mine is just a cheap digital. There is a setting for shooting in low light without a flash which works well indoors especially as no red eye then. My camera is small enough to fit in my handbag so should have it with me more often.
    Rain doesn't worry my hair so never mind getting a little damp but not wet.
    I agree that those peeves of yours aren't bad enough to cause long term depression which is great. : )

  10. Elephant's Child; three or four settings? Well done! I'm sticking with auto.

    The Wicked Writer; I never know when things will be around. Or what things. So the camera stays on auto.

    Kymbo Whitford; Sometimes there are no irritations at all!

  11. Ah yes! getting caught in the rain & getting my hair messed ...... very annoying!

  12. Taking (what I think are beautiful photos) spur of the moment photos only to discover big fat finger prints all over my camera lens thanks to the kids. Fail.

  13. Yep, those pesky birds. There are some woodpeckers here with bright red heads (sort of like toupees seen by an Acid taker) and adorable little yellow breasted sparrow thingumajigs, but do you think they're EVER around when I've got my *&^%*(&(^8ing camera out....?

  14. Mimsie; I LOVE that low light no flash setting! I used it many times in the predawn hours to take photos while walking to work back when I did the opening shift. Things look so different then.

    Dianne; just when you have your hair sitting pretty you get enough drizzle to make it frizz again. Also real rain means I can't get the camera out.

    Alex; that would be very annoying.

    Kath Lockett; just like the pair of crows that live around here and play in the trees and on the footpath no more than two metres from me walking, but never ever seen when I have the camera with me.


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